Taught in school

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My name is Maria, I'm in college at the Institute. After the training, I have a gun enroll on the second year of our universities and. Rather just I am finishing. After a few months, and I will do the exam offered at the institute, but my life is unlikely to change much, because almost all of our class in the same way will fall into the same university. Although no change, we will all live in a hostel, which means that you can not look at the parents. Now I love the life I live. But when it was just beginning - I resisted as I could! About this time I'll tell you.

At the beginning of the year, we moved to another city. Well, I had to change the college accordingly. The new college strange team. 5 girls and 17 boys. I was the sixth. The girls were very friendly with each other, and not only due to the fact that three of them met the most powerful class of boys - the men's team and "Famous Five" has a significant impact.

I must say I was well received. The girls immediately surrounded, asked about my life, talked about reigning orders here, protected from the attacks of the boys, well, I almost became his. And probably it would have been if it had not started to look for me a boy. As it turned out he liked my classmate Svetlana. She held her to me deadly insult, and the other girls supported her. Thank me and most liked, and we all went well. He accompanied me to college after school and home, drove to the cinema, gave flowers and chocolates, and we kissed for a long time in the evenings at the playground. And as successfully developing our relationship with him, spoil my relationship with the girls in the class. They pointedly ignored me, trying to humiliate, shame pin. And the next day after the world saw us kissing on the reverse - the events rolled like a snowball downhill.

After the exercises, I was recently delayed, so as not to take a shower with the girls, and to avoid another portion of ridicule. Therefore, in order not to be late to class, it was necessary to get dressed quickly. Jumping in a bra panties and wearing school uniforms, I ran into the classroom. Back in the corridor felt a strange itching in the perineum, but scratched right through her skirt and gave it meaning. But the lesson, once again - rubbing pussy felt not itch, but a real burning. To bear it - it was not possible and we had to ask for leave from the teacher. Exhausted by unpleasant sensations in the perineum, I rushed to the toilet. What's strange is burning. When I sat on the toilet, she pulled off her panties, all became clear. While I was taking a shower, these bitches sprinkle them with pepper. Somehow I calmed pussy burning with cold water, and shoving her panties in the bag, I hobbled back to the classroom.

Girls are not hiding, giggling mischievously, so it was clear whose handiwork. Walk without underwear was unusual, I always thought that the dress does not cover me from view, and that everyone around know that I'm naked. And during the break I realized that I really know, or rather suspect. And not because someone noticed it, but because all the girls whispered. The boys would try to look under my skirt, trying to get to bend, and so on. When one of the guys grabbed my diary from the desk, I rushed after him. Behind heard hooting and shouting: "She really naked!". Then I red as a lobster, flopped back. The two changes I had to sit on the ground, legs crossed. From my desk I dragged everything that is possible. I was pulled by the hair, spat of tubules chewed paper, etc. In general, I just got up to the toilet, and the time off during lessons. By the end of class, I ran away with a lesson (time off once again) to the toilet. To come back to the meaning of a class has not been, all my things were pilfered throughout college. Diary I found in one of the men's room, and some of its pages were immediately used instead of toilet paper. Your portfolio found in women, but in such a way that it would be better not found. Someone put a bunch right into it. A form of the sport - who is generally abused. First they painted obscene inscriptions and drawings, and then ... I did not understand what was smeared my tee shirt and shorts, and when I realized - disgustedly tossed. On it seems not one boy today sdrochil. Their panties, I did not find at all.

At home, I told my parents that I robbed some thugs, and then cried all night. All of this seemed terribly unfair, and that to me so?

But morning came, and I once again had to go to classes. Maybe if I was brought up not to the severity, it probably would have preferred to skip, slide on two, or even be excluded. And then my life would have turned out quite differently. But for any misdeeds, mother flogged me severely and I am terribly afraid of this, so chose to bullying.

They greeted me with insults and obscene suggestions. Sending all go to hell, I proceeded to the desk. All of it was painted with obscene pictures and painted with appropriate inscriptions. Sasha, with whom I was sitting before, moved far beyond the desk. On the lessons to me with all flown notes bawdry. Unfolding the first three of them - the rest I just folded in a pile at the end of the lesson - thrown in the trash. Arthur had tried to look under my skirt, but got on his hands, and then a slap. In general, I behaved as if nothing had happened yesterday. I was hoping that a couple of days all will be forgotten, and all life will return to normal.

But Mrs. …

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Searchers. Part 2: The Secret Diary of Casanova

In contrast to the cloudy London Spring in Paris it was warm. Narrow streets attracted by its quietness and tranquility, there was no such hustle and bustle, as the central streets of the city. Many small shops on the ground floors of four-story houses lined up on both sides of the street. The distance between the houses were so small that you could see what was happening in the house opposite. At the corner of one of these narrow streets, where it was attached to the next street, but wider in the cafe sat Style wife and ate ice cream. John wore white shoes, gray pants and a white shirt with the top button undone, and Sally sat across very brief in a white dress with an open back and a wide neckline.

-We have in these two days visited only the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees, - said John, looking at Sally - really buying such an important thing, rather than a visit to the museum, for example?

-The cultural program we will begin tomorrow - Sally said, licking a spoon of ice cream - where to begin the search for the lost diary Casanova?

-I have not watched that we threw Professor Anderson, tonight we'll see.

Light breeze tugged bright Sally hair, and it gracefully corrected them, and John looked at the hollow between her breasts and his cock immediately responded, not only because of the beautiful forms of Sway's wife, but also because in addition to it, but he knew that by dress she does not even panties. This happened due to the fact that when they wanted to have sex in one of the deserted alleys, they scared the police, and removed her panties and stayed there on the road.

-Excuse me, please - sounded from somewhere on the right - we unwittingly witnessed your conversation, but you mentioned a lost diary Casanova? - It was a girl 22-24 years with long, straight dark hair. She sat cross-legged, and its fitting black skirt just covered the buttocks, and a translucent blouse emphasized the large breasts and narrow waist.

-Yes, that's right, - said John, and praised the figure of a girl, he was a faithful husband, but from getting aesthetic pleasure at the sight of this girl could not refuse it.

-May I sit down? - She spoke in English with almost no accent. - Just not so many people who believe in this legend, - she said, after John made a sign which meant that she could join them. - My name is Sophie! - She smiled.

-John, this is my wife, Sally!

-Nice to meet you - Sally said smiling, she knew that John was not just looking at the long-legged Sophie as her own forms were not as big. - We are writing a dissertation on the life of Giacomo Casanova, - she added.

-Maybe I can help you? - Sophie asked, looking at something on John, then at Sally. - If you want, I'll tell you something about what the legend is silent?

John and Sally looked at each other and strained listening carefully.

-My father was a historian - Sophie began to tell, - he told me that the blog Casanova, better known as the lost diary, as many have heard about it, but nobody has ever seen, hidden somewhere in the neighborhood of Paris. Many have tried to find him, but to no avail, and since in addition to rumors no documentary evidence has not been found, it will stop searching.

-But the legend is still alive, - said John.

-Yes - Sophie said, looking at him - say that in this blog are hidden all the mysteries of the famous seducer.

-For example? - Sally asked.

-For example, what is really Casanova was not such a good lover - Sophie said, looking at Sally - his victories over women he must elixir that somehow worked on all the nerve endings, and even a light touch to the body may already pleasure. In other words, a woman could bring to orgasm simply by stroking her body without penetration. Hence another is not confirmed by the mystery, as the elixir worked not only on women but also on men, they say that Giacomo Casanova was bisexual.

-Tell Sophie, why are you so easily told this information, which was never widely advertise the first comer? - Sally asked.

-To my father's labors were not in vain - she said - because it raised a laugh when he said that the most famous lover in the world used the stimulant during sex. And so, the more people know about his work, the more likely that someone will ever find this blog and all those who dared to mock my father, will bite elbows with envy. Here's my card, if you have questions, you can call - Sophie added, getting up from the table - it was nice to talk to!

-Good luck! - John said.

-Bye! - Sally said, and read what is written on the business card - Sophie Demanzh, English language courses, tourist walks. So that's where she speaks in English.

Night was falling. John and Sally, to pay the bill at the cafe, turned into a narrow street, towards which some time ago was gone, Sophie, and walked along the pavement, arms around each other. They walked along the road, breathing in the cool evening air, for all the time they drove past the only one car, and it is because there is almost no cars in the narrow, but the air was fresh long street. They turned left, crossed the road and entered the arch, from which came in a small cozy patio. John is a gentleman opened the door to the building, Sally, and she sat back and bowed slightly, as in the old days the girls expressed their gratitude. They both smiled at each other and kissed, hugged and went up the stairs, while John kept his right hand on the ass Sally. Past them on the stairs teenager ran 13 years and looked up, he saw that under her dress no panties, and while walking on the edge of the stairs and lifts up allows you to see the most piquant. The sight teenager almost fell as Sally looked at the legs, not his feet. Climbing up to the top floor, they entered the apartment at the end of the corridor, right at the entrance to the left was a wardrobe, and left the entrance to the bathroom. The very entrance immediately came out into the living room, to the left of the wall was a low double bed with two bedside tables on either side, to the right on a TV cabinet and a chest of drawers, also at the wall is the entrance to the kitchen. Doors between the rooms, except the bathroom was not, and the two windows in the room and one in the kitchen come out on a narrow street along which they had just walked. John first took a shower and shorts lay on the bed with a laptop to study the material conveyed to him a professor.

-Well, what is it? - Sally asked, coming out of the shower in a terry-cloth robe and a very brief drying her hair. - Where to start looking?

-According to the professor, Casanova really hid the diary in the outskirts of Paris, - said John, lying on his left side and substitute for the head of the left arm and right leg bent at the knee - presumably with a probability of 90% on one of the vineyards. Casanova was having an affair with the daughter of the owner of the vineyard, which he later handed over to store and your blog. And it is not being able to go away from the parental home, he hid it no further than the grape gardens of her father or close to them.

-Can you imagine how many vineyards in the days of Casanova, and how many of them left now, is on the site of the vineyard already paved road and built the house. How do we find the right, and indeed Casanova could twist an affair with one and hide the other blog.

-Wait, there is one reference point, it should help us. It says that Casanova had an affair not only with the daughter of the owner of the vineyard, but also with his wife, and even with one of the maids. But she knew that he was sleeping with her daughter wanted to take revenge on him ...

-The zeal of the women do not know mercy, - she said Sally smiled and sat down next to John on the edge of the bed.

-... She decided to deprive him of his manhood, but could not raise his hand to her lover, who so passionately loved. And so she decided to charge him with theft and reported it to the authorities. But Casanova managed to escape with the help of the daughter of the wife of the vineyard owner, which, by the way, at that time was only 14 years old, and that he entrusted his diary before his escape.
-And how can we help it?

-It is necessary to raise the archives and find out who and when Casanova accused of theft, - said John and sat on the bed behind Sally, exposing her shoulders, lowered a little robe and began to give her a massage the shoulders and neck.

-John Look, Sophie - Sally said, pointing out the window.

He looked her in that direction in the window opposite was indeed their recent friend Sophie, she stood in front of an open window with the blond kissing a young man who was a head shorter than her height, but with clearly defined muscles. And they were both naked. Sophie masturbate cock, and he caressed her hand between her legs, it was seen as the window was on the floor below, than John and Sally window. They stood looking out the window at how Sophie turned back to her boyfriend, put her hands on the sill and the guy standing behind began to fuck her, but it was not clear exactly where in the ass or vagina. He held her by the waist and hips have moved very strongly, so that her magnificent breasts shaking Navis. Sophie looked up and saw the opposite, that they are being watched, she smiled and even winked. Sally opened the window and together with John heard hushed moans Sophie, whose boyfriend also noticed that they were the audience, but it is a fact only spurred him, and he, taking her long black hair, continued to rhythmically fuck.

-Uninhibited girl! - John said, standing behind Sally and hugging her waist.

Guy Sophie sat on the sill side, one leg dangling on the outside, but it saddled him up and holding his shoulders start to move vigorously buttocks and thighs. He at the same time kissing her breasts and helped her movements, holding the buttocks, and pushing them to him. Sophie and her boyfriend more and more plants from the fact that they are being watched, and looking upward, as it were given to understand that the audience can and should have fun. John did not make them wait long, he untied the strap Sally robe and began to fondle her breasts. He clutched round shape, then moving them together, pushing to the side, then lowered his right arm below the spending on the smooth belly, and put in the middle and ring fingers into the vagina. Sally turned her head and kissed John, so that even from a distance it was obvious that their tongues lick each other and suck their lips. Finally robe, gently gliding on silk skin, fell to the floor, naked Sally lay back, side to side, window sill, he was quite wide, and John took off pants started fucking her, holding her slender hips. She rested her hands on the edge of the sill, so as not to fall off and moaning with pleasure, obtained at the sense of limb movements in their vagina. Two couples looking at each other and continued their game, only Sally in her position was uncomfortable to watch Sophie and her boyfriend, so John commented on the situation.

-She got off him and stood beside, - said John, not stopping movements - Sophie masturbates his cock, takes it into his mouth, begins to suck.

-I want to see - Sally said.

John pulled out his penis and she got up from the window-sill, looked out at Sophie, with onaniruya member standing next to her husband. Sophie vigorously sucking dick periodically onaniruya him to get distracted and look at his appreciative audience. She sucked faster and faster, not looking up from the coveted body on the guy, it was clear he was going to finish, and when he squeezed her dark hair, it became clear that he finished right in her mouth. Sophie some time did not release a member from his mouth, then straightened up and kissed the blond, with a smile, he looked at a couple of John and Sally. They continued to watch, but they have not yet finished, she continued to masturbate member, and he caressed her fingers between her legs. Sophie waved and disappeared into the back of the room with the guy. Sally turned to face John and, dropping into a crouch, his knees wide apart started to suck his cock.

-Sally, look at this, - said John, ten minutes later, after she began to suck his dick.

Sally spent the tongue across the member length, straightened up and looked in the direction in which the opinion was sent to John. From the arches in front of the house, went out the same blond hair, which was fucking Sophie, he was in a jacket and a pizza deliverer, wearing a hat, he sat on a scooter and drove away. Judging from the pizzas which were in the trunk, he was at work and had to dissolve their clients. They looked at each other, did Sophie slept with the first counter, or is it the guy working pizza guy. But it is already not important, on the contrary they are excited and flushed sight in the window went to bed. Sally knelt leaning on straightened arms, and John, standing behind her fucked in the vagina, holding her lower leg in heels.

-A-ah! Ah-ah-ah-ah! - Sally moaned, throwing his head back and tilting down.

He began to move faster and moans became louder, the right hand he pressed the back of her head, and she was leaning on his elbows pressed close to the breast of the bed. Then firmly taking her by the waist at the hips, it is still stronger and faster proceeded, and she stretched out his hands, breasts forward lay on the bed and moaning with pleasure. Their passion potryasyvalo little bed. This went on for quite some time, then Sally made a move forward and a member came out of it, John sat down on his knees and leaning on the bed behind her hands, enjoyed oral sex followed by a shot deep into the exact sperm rotika Sally. When you have finished your sex passionate kiss, they went to sleep, tomorrow, or rather today they had to do a great job.

-Well, I understand, we will do so - John stood in his shorts at a window and talking on a cell phone.

-With whom did you talk? - Sally asked, just waking up and getting up, looking at him.

-With Professor Anderson - John said, coming up to the bed and sat on the edge. - He confirmed that indeed there is a history professor Armand Demanzh father of Sophie, and he actually published a book about Casanova, in which he argued that the world-famous lover owes his victories certain stimulator, formula and manufacturing process of which is described in his diary, hidden in near Paris. And the professor invites us to turn to the historian for help, as his daughter thinks that we are writing a thesis, and officially on the documents we are researchers, University of London, we will not be difficult to come to his trust and enlist its support. You take a shower yet, but I'll call Sophie and find out if she can arrange our meeting with his father - he went to the cupboard in the hallway, to take out from the pocket of her business card.

Nude Sally looked up from the floor his robe, which after bunoy night and was lying there, and vdev feet in slippers, ran to the bathroom. John Bell was not surprised Sophie, and even pleased, she agreed to postpone everything and arrange their meeting. An hour later, the three of them met in the cafe on the corner, where they sat and talked the night before. Sophie was wearing a pink short skirt, a veil covering her buttocks only, lush breasts peeking out of the neckline blouse blue, and on his feet were wearing white high-heeled shoes, because of which she seemed even higher. Sally wore bought in a Paris shop orange dress, which reached the edge of the mid-thigh and the same orange shoes. Her dress was cut free, so wind gust could easily lift up the edge and expose the white panties, wearing underneath. John chose a stricter dress: gray trousers with black shoes and a white shirt with short sleeves, which perfectly emphasizes its strong body. Fortunately it was the fact that her father, Sophie was off, and he agreed to come and mingle with those who as well as he studies the life of Giacomo Casanova. Therefore, all three sat down at a table and ordered a glass of ice cream, waiting for his arrival.
-Sophie, tell your young man working pizza guy? - Asked Sally, all three have already managed to move on "you".

-And, you're talking about tonight - said Sophie and smiled. - You saw how he was leaving, but did not see how he returned.

-Returned? - They were surprised.

-Yes back, it's my young man, but the fact that he was dressed pizza guy, so it is with him we are role-playing games. For example, I was a nurse who came to the "patient," as you know "sick" was he last week. So we make a variety in their love life.

-And how long have you been together? - Sally asked, picking spoon ice cream.

-Three years, and we hoard money for the wedding - Sophie said, and asked: - What do you for a long time together?

-We have been married for the second year, - said John with a smile and a kiss on the lips, Sally, sweet ice-cream.

-But my father, - said Sophie, looking for John and Sally back, which turned and saw that from the stopped cars near a cafe came a man of about 40, dressed in a black suit, emphasizing its high growth.

-Sorry to keep you waiting - the man said, adjusting his round glasses, and Sophie kiss on the cheek.

-Dad, meet, this is John and Sally, they write a thesis on the life of Casanova - Sophie said, pointing to them. - And this is my father, Arman Demanzh.

-You can simply Arman, - said the man, sitting at a table. - So, you are interested in the life of Giacomo Casanova? - His English was worse than Sophie, but he spoke freely even with a strong accent.

-Yes, my wife is a researcher at the University of London, and as a topic for the thesis decided to choose the unknown pages of the life of the world-famous lover - said in response to John.

-I hope you will not forget and about my name, when you write it, - said Arman smiling and told them the unknown pages of the life of Giacomo Casanova. He said that in 1760 a certain Countess De Lisle, accused Casanova of theft, but since it was not possible to find the culprit, the case was closed, and in 1762 after two years in the estate where she lived this Countess, there was a fire, which resulted in burned the house itself and several other buildings. The family was not able to restore the lost property and selling their vineyards, they went to Italy, then they were never seen again. The only thread that could shed light on the events of those years, so this is a letter of the 14-year-old girl Agate daughter Countess and lover Casanova, in which she confessed her love for him and wrote that only he can find hidden diary if desired. This is a letter and gave rise to the legend of the Lost Diary of Casanova, in which all its secrets may be hidden. Arman also showed a copy of the letter, and offered to take John and Sally at the place where the manor was burned. They accepted the proposal, and all four of them including Sophie who wishes to take part in all of this got into the car and drove out of the city.

The road was not long, and in less than two hours later, they were standing on the sidelines and admired the extensive gardens of grapes, stretches for hundreds of meters around.

-You see the building - Arman said, pointing to the three-story building on the right - there is now produced the wine, as it did in the life of Casanova, where modern machines are not used, and that is why the wine is obtained by one of the best in the world. Moreover, it is just there, where there was once the main house of the estate of the former here.

-Tell Arman, and you happen to have the estate plan? - John asked.

-How can not, there is, - said Arman and climbed into the car for the portfolio from which took a photocopy of the estate plan. - But I'm starting to doubt that the blog is hidden somewhere here, - he added.

-Why? - Sally asked, looking at Armand.

-Many years have passed, and the construction of new buildings it could find, and it still was not done, - Arman replied, and added, - here for a long time all voluntary searchers scoured artifacts and found nothing.

-Maybe we're lucky, - said John - Sally and stay here and explore the surrounding area, and you, if you want, you can stay with us or go back we somehow dober¸msya.

-No, I've had enough of shame that I experienced when I wrote a book about Casanova - Arman said, and asked, - Sophie, you stay or you go with me?

-I think I'll stay, - she said.

Armand left, and John, Sally and Sophie walked along the road to the side of the building on the site which is said to Arman, the house was a lover Casanova. As expected from the estate once stood here was nothing left, except for the old mill a little further down the hill by the river, on which they have an elderly resident of the local village, who met them on the way. All three of them went down to the mill, there was nobody there, but the padlock on the door said that the mill is still used. Peering through a crack in the wall inside, they saw the bags, wooden bowls, barrels and various garden tools, it seems, is a room used as a warehouse.

-As well here, quietly relaxed! - Sophie said, lying down on the grass and bent his left leg at the knee. In this position well could see her pink panties, clearly outlining the line of the hips. - Do you want to get a tan? - She asked, taking off his shirt.

-Why not, - has agreed to Sally, and also began to undress.

Both girls were in shorts, like a cat stretched out on the warm and soft grass. Chest Sally trim and round as two large peach looked up, shifted slightly larger on the sides of Sophie chest, but it was smooth and elastic. Member John nalilsya blood and stood on the cusp solid gray trousers, but he did not sunbathe, and sat down on the grass began to study what they left Arman: the estate plan and a letter. Girls quietly discussing their favorite, it became clear that the young man's name is Sophie Gautier and while his penis was smaller than that of John and was a length of only 15 centimeters, it is perfectly mastered and delivered them to Sophie a lot of fun. At this size it is said, has its advantages, such as during oral sex can completely immerse it in your mouth, and she was very fond of this kind of sex. In addition, during anal sex feel less discomfort, what Sally protested that her ass is already adapted and could take full member John completely, all 25 centimeters. And I received a counterargument that a small member of the better stimulates the G-spot and a man with such dimensions can have sex longer. Then the girl did not argue, since each has its own truth, most importantly, that they are good with their partners, and she loved them.

-It seems to have found! - Said John, who was sitting before quietly and wrote something on a piece of paper. - I know where the hidden diary Casanova!

-Where? - At the same time asked the girl sitting on the grass and looking at him.

-I thought, where you can hide a diary on the condition that you can not go far beyond the estate. I also took into account that the blog does not hide a grown man and young teen girl.

-What do you mean? - Sally asked.

-Besides that Casanova and his young mistress had somewhere to meet, as they could be caught at home and looking at the plan, came to the conclusion that the best place for secret meetings than that this mill is not here. But it was only the first argument, fully confirmed my theory is - and John showed the girls a letter in which the mill has been represented schematically. - The young mistress was smart and she was specially made mistakes in a few words, so that when you combine their points, then turn the mill. And even if Casanova had not noticed this, he still began to look for blog exactly where he met her.

-But my father said that here all searched, and more than once, why it did not find? - Sophie asked.
-That I do not know yet, but I'm sure he's in that same mill, - and John pointed behind his back mill.

While he was looking for how to open the door, the girl got dressed and waited for him at the entrance. Pulling out of the land of the count with the ring, to which, it seems, tied boats or pets, he teased the ears, on which hung the castle, with a force of tearing them away from the door. Ignoring the words of Sophie that such actions are called burglary, he went inside. "Now we have to talk as a 14-year-old, where I hid the diary" - John thought, examining the inner space of the mill. He climbed the wooden stairs carefully began to inspect the walls and floor, the girls helped him in this. They crawled on his knees, looking at the floor, and if Sally in this position only denude the hips, then Sophie skirt was shorter and her panties could be seen almost completely.

-See - Sophie said, pointing to the corner - see over there.

-What? - John asked, coming up to her.

-All boards in the floor are the same length, except that in the corner, for some reason it is divided into two parts - said Sophie, she came to that place. She began to feel the board and pressed on one of its edge, resulting in a second edge went up, found her hiding place under a dusty thing, wrapped in cloth and the shape similar to the book. After removing the matter, all three saw a thin book in a red-bound, and the inscription on the cover Agathe De Lisle.

-It is he! - Sophie said.

-If it is, why it is worth the name of a young lover, not the Casanova? - John asked, and as soon as he wanted to flip through the book, behind him a voice:

-She belongs to me!

All three turned, the voice belonged to her father, Sophie Armand, which in this case was holding a gun aimed at them.

-Give it to me, - said Arman, his eyes fixed on the book.

-Father, what are you doing? - Sophie asked, sitting on her lap, she wanted to get up, but a sharp movement of the hand with a gun in her side is not allowed to do this.

-Sophie, this book contains the formula of this stimulant, which will be stronger than any modern medicines. We will be rich, and therefore I will not let some tourists take away my glory and money! - Strictly and clearly, both written Arman said. - Give me the diary.

-Well, you just do not be nervous, - said John - you see, I put my blog on the floor.

-Throw it to me, - said Arman, watching his every movement.

John threw the book, and in the fall she drove a little on the floor, Armand picked it up and said:

-And now I'm leaving, and you're not even you dare to follow me.

Arman keeping an eye on them, and went downstairs, leaving the mill, he propped the door board so that they can not get out. When all three were on the first floor and found locked, they tried to break down the door with a shovel stored there, but nothing happened. It took about half an hour, and they heard the sirens, it was the police, the police approached the mill.

-They're after us? - Sophie asked, looking through the crack between the boards, though, and so it was clear that the police did not come to save them.

-So, quickly upstairs, - he said John sharply and dragged the two girls to the second floor. - Undress! Fast! - He said, when they were at the top, and he began to undress.

-What for? - Sophie asked, looking at him in surprise.

-For what? - Sally asked, no less surprised at the behavior of her husband.

-Then we fuck with you here, we have group sex! - John said, already standing completely naked on the floor. - Or do you want to put us for trespassing, or even for theft? And so we will have at least some chance to smear.

The girls looked at each other and began to undress.

-They are already close faster! - John hurried them.

When police broke into the mill and climbed to the second floor, she found a young man there, on which sat a blonde girl, and next was the second chest and kissed the first girl. The police were in a stupor, which, however did not last long and the three lovers were detained, pre-letting them get dressed.

-For you it was declared a pledge, you are free, - said the policeman, six hours after the arrest of John, Sally and Sophie.

All three of them went out into the street and hurried as quickly as possible to get away from the police station. Who has made a pledge for them, they did not know, and they have learned only when a taxi came to his street and met Armand. He furiously grabbed John by the shirt and pressed against the wall under the arch, despite the fact that he was thin, the force of his nature is not cheated, usually say about these wiry.

-Where's she? Where's my formula? - He shouted in rage.

-Father, let him go - and demanded that Sophie tried to squeeze between John and Armand.

-Arman, release my husband, - demanded Sally, Armand grasping hands - or I'll call the police.

-I paid for your mortgage, and you give me my formula, - said Arman, his grip was strong, but John still managed to weaken it and, in the end, he let go of it.

-So many years of research, and all in vain, - Arman said, standing in front of the three of them.

-Yes, that happened to his father? - Sophie asked, going up to him and looking straight into his eyes.

-In that book, which I have picked up no formula, this is not a blog Casanova - Arman was upset. - This is a diary of his mistress Agate, she describes her meeting with him, and there is not a word about the formula.

-Perhaps the formula is a myth? - Sally said, hugging John. - Maybe there's no magic elixir, and it is all nonsense?

-Then it turns out that the lost diary Casanova is also a fiction? - Sophie asked.

-This legend is based on a single letter, in which, incidentally, is not directly specified blog about someone in question, - said John. - And a stimulant that allegedly used Casanova could invent envious or just narrow-minded people, unaware of his biography.

-Then take away his own, - said Arman angrily and tossed the diary on the ground.

-Father will go to me, you need to calm down - Sophie said, and, taking him, she added, - I hope we'll meet again?

-Necessarily, we zayd¸m say goodbye when we fly, - said John with a smile.

Rising to his apartment, they are tired and nervous quickly took a shower and went to bed. John fell asleep quickly, but Sally could not sleep, and she decided to check out the blog young Agate. "He even cut the cover, looking for non-existent formula" - she thought, though, that the diary cover has been cut in half.

"May 23" - began to read to myself, Sally - "I wanted to take a walk, and I decided to enter the garden through a door in the kitchen, from behind the door came, someone moaning. I opened the door, our maid Marie lying topless on a table with battened down the skirt behind her with his pants down was Giacomo, my mother's lover. She made me promise not to say anything to his father, because he has a heart condition, and it can not stand. Giacomo changes my mother with our servant? What a strange feeling, I am happy to look at them, she moans loudly. " "27 May. Giacomo invited me to walk with him in the garden, I agreed. We sat in the shade of the trees, he suddenly started to kiss me. I resisted, but he firmly held me to the ground. His hands have got under my skirt and shirt, my legs were completely exposed, like a fallen woman, I do not want it to be. Giacomo pulled the dress off my chest, I have it a little, why he does it, Marie breasts bigger. It hurts, he penetrated me, no strength to resist. He moves slowly, then faster, I feel nice. My hips relate to his waist, he does not stop. It does not hurt anymore. What bliss, really every time a woman experiences a similar feeling of penetration of the male? Giacomo poured his seed on the ground, he said, so that I did not give birth. He asked if I was okay with it, I said yes. Giacomo asked to retain all confidential, then we can do it more often. " "On 14 June. At the mill we will not see. Giacomo again penetrated me, it's nice. Today I sat on it and she moved stead. He caressed my breasts. " Sally read blog Agate and his fingers caressed the vagina, it aroused story of a girl slowly becoming an experienced woman.

-So, the diary does not exist - could be heard from the laptop speakers, it was the voice of Professor Anderson.

-Yes, that's right, - said John, sitting at a table, and behind him was Sally and hugged her shoulders, pressing his chin to his right shoulder.

-And there is no formula? - The professor asked.

-No, it's all nonsense, - said Sally.

-Then go back, I have a new job for you, - said the professor, - you seem to want to honeymoon here and will eat like the couple in an old Scottish castle. There are already more than 100 years, there is a hotel and there strange things happen.

-What strange things? If it is a ghost, it's not on our part - John asked, clutching in his hand Sally's hand.

-Maybe ghosts there too, but we are more interested in the fact that people come to relax themselves move in space. In other words, a person to sleep in his room, and woke up in a strange and even all the signs pointed to the fact that these two people had sex. When something like this has happened there 50 years ago and now has begun again. While the hotel manager managed to prevent the penetration of this information to the press, but if it happens, it will be pulled to perverts around the world, as people wake up in the same bed and not remembering what had happened to them, not always of different sexes.

John and Sally looked at each other, it's a new job was to be an interesting and mysterious. …

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Fitness club

After the birth of her second child wife was concerned about her figure. I asked her to go to fitness classes. She's been looking for where to go and finally chose a small club, where many of its employee went. Wife willingly told me that the club is small, a class for four people, equipped with exercise machines. Small sauna with deshem for two, comfortable massage area without doors and curtains. Especially it voskheschalas coach and mature, wiry woman of indeterminate age with a strong, powerful hands. I was glad for her husband, but I was not much interested. Classes are held 3 times a week and they were always the last group. Twice a week, I was taking her to the sessions, and in the third she flatly refused, as it was late in the extra classes, but children should be put to bed.

This went on for more than 4 months, until one day she called back and asked to come to the start of classes. The reason was that the three employee will not come, but for one class will not be held. "It will be free for you," 'said her husband. Everything was the same as telling me her husband. The only innovations have arisen directly from the locker room. "Mike not to wear. We are engaged only in panties, or chert." Training went really interesting and very rich. "Now, in the shower and sauna" -skomandovala coach. "Usually it is us taking a shower" -prokomentirovala wife. After 10 minutes into our souls coach went and called her husband for a massage. His wife wiped polotentsemi and not putting anything out of the shower. I'm not in a hurry and went to bask in the warm jets of water. Suddenly, in the shower again entered coaching "Faster. I do not do massage without observers. Moreover, such" -zavershila she left. I quickly wiped wrapped in a towel and went to the massage. In the wall was a row of chairs on one of which I sat. He looked around, stood in the middle of the office massage table, covered with a blue sheet.

On a sheet lying on her stomach, my wife, naked and rubbed some fragrant oil. On the other side of the table facing me was the coach and massaged my wife. Particular attention was paid to the feet and the pope. Then the coach offered his wife to lie on his back. Again pahechee oil vtireetsya in each centimeter of the body of his wife. At the time of rubbing the oil into the breast of my cock I jumped under a towel, which could not fail to notice the coach. After quite a long massage, the woman leaned into his wife's ear and said something. She nodded in response. Then the coach, looking me in the eye, one hand started massaging the clitoris wife and other masturbate fingers into the vagina of his wife. The couple divorced itself legs as widely as possible and began to knead his chest. This went on until the climax, after which the woman helped the woman get up and pohlopola her buttock. The coach began to change the sheets on the table, and the wife pulled off my towel, laid it on a chair and sat down, stretched out and legs apart. It was my turn. Lying on my stomach, I felt something nov smell of oil and the strong hand of a woman engaged in my body. Back, legs, buttocks. "My husband, lie on your back" -poshutila coach. As I slowly turned over, a woman came up to his wife and began to whisper to her. Then again, I was engaged. Odorous oil, strong hands massaged my breasts, legs, thighs.

The woman turned slightly and began to look me straight in the eyes with both hands manipulating my member. After that, everything was a blur, orgasm, cum on belly, a shower, a coach with us in mind, the way home, a crazy night. I had a lot of questions, and the next night in bed wife open up a little bit. Men spouse in the club never seen before. The groups of women of the same age. Engaged in shorts, and sometimes some quite naked. The massage is only naked and with all iteresom watch as their next girlfriend who ends-vaginally, anally anyone. All leave, and only one of us stays on hours of additional exercise. What kind of additional activity so my wife and I did not. …

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Firebird and Magyar Princess (Part 5)

The king, pleased extremely,
Red, sweaty from a bath,
With embarrassment on his face,
Met trio on the porch!

Expectations warmed,
All immaculately dressed,
In a festive collar,
When the crown on the head!

Pomaded and perfumed,
Well, the bride, so his soul!
I do not take his eyes from the bride,
And I was glad, and so glad! ..

As a little dejected,
Bustle of the thresholds,
Even "hello" is not saying,
Silently, his eyes bulging!

Well be more, because the bride,
Honestly, do not go to all places,
Let the mud in the road dust,
It was - a miracle, God knows!

Just a glance at some of the king,
He turned to blame:
"This is the king of your vaunted?
No shit myself type!

As it is ruled by a power?
Small, shabby and flimsy,
And the old, all the same
As of mammoth shit!

Laughter is one, and only a shame!
How to him to go to bed?
He is to me - just as the fathers!
Well, you, my friends, the scoundrels!

Well you promised me a handsome,
And he won, foot in the grave,
He, I suppose, "whistle"
And not breathing between his legs!

Are not you ashamed, you're a girl
Fuck, like a child,
Yes, now I, okay, well
Not all are Vertan ago ... "

"Wait, do not be angry!
Will because the Empress!
And in marriage, I swore,
This is a major plus!

Obotr¸shsya here a little,
Will you our King on the dick,
And twist-twirl country
As the casket clockwork! "

Then the king, the soul is not tea,
No Sagittarius unaware,
No horse, jumped to her,
Smiling like a moron:

"Very happy! Glad without measure!
How was your journey? Without loss?
Seasick? No problem!
This way please, here!

Do not be sad that such
Banko instantly cook,
I'll give orders,
And wash away the dust and sadness!

Here, I ask you, gently,
Here here you can slip ... "
And without looking at Sagittarius
I dragged her off the porch ...

The horse, tired as a brute,
I spit like a camel in the desert:
"So much for all the hits ...
No "thank you" or winning! ..

Did you ever just have fun,
But I have something zadolbalsya -
Prior to the Urals and back ...
Moved to the stables, brother! ..

Thank God that returned,
Not gone, not bent,
There have even a penny?
Let's go and have a drink for coming! "

And with bowed head,
Horse, Sagittarius, two oboe
Barely dragging his feet,
Dragged to celebrate ...

Well, the king led the damsel
Right before its Svetlitsa
Continuing along the path,
As a boy carrying rubbish ...

The palace razduharilsya,
About his love opened,
All in an attempt to calm the trembling,
I strive to embrace the princess:

"I am very rich helluva lot ...
I can do all what you want ...
All desires for me -
Do not hedge, so garbage! ..

On hearing of your glory,
I'm all ears on set!
"Why with the" Flower "
I have hitherto unfamiliar?

I for this gentle fairy
I do not regret!
For such a stole, you
Though I will give half my kingdom! "

And my people are refused:
"Yes, the hell we fuck half the kingdom?"
You see, the Tsar a
The board hurt himself pleased!

So I still love very much,
And the rewards do not ask others,
So much love, just a passion,
What is prepared for the devil's mouth!

Thousands spent in prayer,
Ten thousand were lost in battle,
Finally, you Sagittarius
All are brought to the palace!

So, here you are, impatiens,
As in the bosom of God!
As a kitten, not a dent,
All I'll lick you! "

"What, really, the whole lick?
And the face, and even lower?
So why did I bathhouse
If you're here "a horse"?

Oh, my sweet old man!
So you're an avid women?
Very brave? Prove it!
Where zaliplo, lick!

I just so happened
There's two weeks not washed,
There is now such a taint,
People want to knock out!

But as it is, at least
The real smells Baba,
No spirits, without water,
Natural Mandi!

Here we see once
You make a prankster,
And what about love pop
Everyone can, your mother! "

Among the audience braked,
Cunning eyes smiled,
And immediately, where there was,
Dress your lifted!

The servants that accompanied,
Ninny, stood on the sidelines,
Subsided and, as in the image,
In a pair of staring eyes!

The king, already stood on the subwords
From shamelessness, from this,
He is breathing with his mouth open,
Looking burying his princess in the stomach!

"Oh, you're lovely, Holy Mother!
I stump, all argue,
To me there somehow
About Mande a hint!

And you, little Zaya,
One, and all showed me!
And the belly, and the belly button,
And "lohmatku" between your legs! "

"Well, what a tambourine between his teeth?
As you are "the lips"?
Attract or not?
See how got out into the world! "

He moved closer "pelvis":
"Do you see how swollen right?
Here in the mouth of their zasos¸sh,
Or before votkn¸sh dick? "

"I'd stuck, but the trouble is -
Something does not arise, damn!
Spoils me the big picture ...
So it is better to suck!

It should be there, "Sugar" is!
So in all, and "plays"
Wiggling between his legs,
Like a furry little animal!

So nice to look eye
Everything is affected by, infection,
I doprezh Sagittarius More,
You pussy - fucked!

Hardly touched, and the like
Sweet expires "honey"
And she somehow all of it
And the huge and red!

Yes, in this, I enthusiastically
I'll be poking around for a long time,
And if I do have to
With his head got into the "gap"! "

"You let me not torture!
Language works better
And head off to poke -
This too, your mother! "

Chided the king bit
Began, his legs wide apart,
And bending their knees
He turned his "triptych"!

Pussy, like in the picture,
Parted into halves
Under his hands at the princess,
Until the very depths!

We forget about the court,
Those hiding in the dark crevices,
Choir popritihli at once,
Without taking his eyes from the Princess!

King, throwing sideways crown
On your knees fell quickly,
Devoutly crossing himself,
All a person has moved in the "mouth"!

He grabbed the princess of the ass,
Gets wet from the flood,
What flowed from sweet pussy,
I stuck out my tongue.

And I went to lick from the edge,
Drops in pussy collecting,
Enjoying as in delirium,
Nose sucking the spirit!

And the princess was so sweet,
What huddled inside the uterus,
And it is his own, between his legs,
His fingers pubis.

The skin is pulled higher,
So that the clitoris cleverly released
From beneath the folds just,
He poked it straight to the king's eye!

Fingers in pussy soaked,
And zadrochila hand,
By drawing a circle pubis,
Clitoris, "sponge" all around ...

Zadrochila, whined ...
And here it "struck"
So that a powerful jet
Livanul from it!

King, so nearly drowned,
Coughed, staggered,
And she was his again
Continue filling ...

And shaking like crazy the whole,
Wild screaming howling
"Halt!" So, on the legs,
Moisture pouring groin!

The king, looking at the scene,
All bathed in "waterfall"
Finally something suddenly "caught up"
That he is not the servants had sent:

"What stared, scatterbrain?
Come scat from here, villains!
And look who vyaknet,
Regret later!

March to prepare for the feast,
Bastards ... council is not present!
I love you all, edr¸na mother
For Ural'll have to banish! .. "

"Well, why, why so strictly? ..
Let them see a little bit,
To the king of Batyushkov
Do not worry for nothing!

I have even more interesting,
When all looked together,
I have such an orgasm,
It was, really, for the first time!

You see, you are a mighty!
All the men in the world better!
So I liked here ...
Please I only have ... "

"Please eat, my dear?
But what you want, at least some!
Make for you without the words,
Anything I'm ready!

What kind of request? Glad to!"
"I'd like to see,
Right now, just before the day,
Those who had brought me!

Give them something, or
Just like to say "thank you"
thank guys
For the future and for you!

And you do not fear me,
I myself, do not worry,
I look for them, coming into the world,
Well you while preparing a feast here! "

Dress swung quietly
And waving his scythe famously,
Smacking kiss on the forehead, the father of the king,
I ran out of the palace!

About the road to find out
And I ran to the stable,
Secret passion all grief,
In search of the "hero"!

Do not knock the gate safely,
Like a fury flew,
Already completely out of breath:
"Horse are you here? Where Sagittarius? "

The horse oats already choked:
"In a pancake ... And Sagittarius somehow washed away!
He drank a little, bit,
Yes, and the girls drove off ...

He says what really could be there,
Once the Princess was going to marry,
That is necessary, they say, Again
Girls yard drive! "

"Here, dunce, what a lot!
Well I then still said,
The husband is not your husband, my manda
He was glad zavsegda!

What should I do? Share this on!
Your King, the palace, my pussy
"Razdrakonil" - Help!
A "Spillikins" not stuck!

As I expected,
That decade did not get up!
And now, what do I do,
Koli "mink" all on fire?

I thought that it
I Sagittarius slightly "pogrom"
Yes poshorkayu on it
Ravenous your "doorway"!

And he, reptile, most on the women!
The day would have waited at least ...
I, like a fool here, with Mandi ...
Look at you, a womanizer what!

I'm on it pekus, suffer,
then I compose a cunning plan,
To replace him king,
And it immediately to the girls - fyuit "!

"Forget, Princess, without regret!
He is so much from birth,
You horns he annexe,
Avenge ... but at least with me!

You're somehow hinted
What would you slept with me,
And what? A guy I identity,
And this "case" iron oxides hydroxides!

Look, because I'm not worse,
Vaughn and dick climbed out,
Yes, the same as me,
Not every horse! "

"And really that shy?
You train together almost brothers!
Kohl one - on the women's brother,
Why else do not give?

And besides, I do not hide,
And she want as much howling,
The "burrow" hurricane such
What drives a least count!

Well, let me become less
For your dick closer
That's here where bins ...
Do not rush ... I'm all by herself ... "

And the princess, as promised,
In the partition has become,
It curved like a saw,
Buttocks spread ...

And her pussy big
Moisture stains sweet,
Under his hands, immediately, at once,
As the cave was heard!

The horse, standing over it deftly,
Slowly, shaking his 'head'
He poked in the wet hot "input":
"Well, it goes down?" "And then! Go down!

Ah-ah-ah! How easily he slipped!
Oh-oh-oh! Like everything inside inflated ...
Well, gone, gone, gone ...
To drive ... more ... more ... »

And not feeling obstacles,
The horse, this happiness rady,
Whinnied with delight himself
And eggs are a member driven!

Then the princess wailed on a limb,
Yes legs rolled up
So that the "gap", and all the "doorway"
They came shaking!

And inside I trembled,
"Wall", "head" squeezed,
And, damn down and out,
Suffered at Neu ride!

Back, forward, left, right,
As if there was no council
On her vagina,
And for the rest of it at all ...

The horse snorted, Princess screamed,
Pussy sucking, "spat"
Twisting to the beat,
Member, the batter in a trouble!

Thus, under the cries and movements,
We got to the delight,
And Bulanyi, and Princess,
At the "finished" full ...

Horse, pinned orgasm,
Already in the ass villages, infection,
When ending a vdul
Sperm in pussy two liters!

And the princess when she vdul he
Already the pressure hurled!
She slid sideways over the penis,
I flew into the corner!

And there in the corner, on the straw,
Pussy, no fire, no thunder,
He slammed as a projectile,
Moisture, sperm, all in a row!

Horse hiccupped, spun Baska:
"The first time is with me,
To me, when fucked,
The feet could not resist!

Well, damn it, ushatala other! ..
You are there as herself, a friend?
At you there all the insides
To break the kernel! "

"Oh! Yes, it seems in order ...
Yes ... That was sweet!
So "cum" - fucking around!
Let jealous Sagittarius ... "

She bent low to the legs:
"So you went pussy!
Gouging on everything "Hurrah!"
Wow hole!

"Lips" as the rags of steel,
Knee crept,
Look at how they were immediately blown,
Though the knot!

I have always noticed,
What are they stuck in full,
And now your "stallion"
I wrenched them completely!

A "pelvis" and puchit,
With its slightly push the cooler
King in it would definitely here
Easily used bashkoj climbed!

All flooded as zasranka ...
Now it's time in the bathhouse,
Wash everything than you, insolent,
My pussy pumped!

Well done, cloven-hoofed,
It was curious!
Would you have a man, not a horse,
Baba used for you - the fire!

Steeper than Sagittarius is my even ...
However, we will not tell him,
Anything can happen, maybe
We want to repeat! "

"By the way, what are you plans for the
Napridumyvali secretly,
About the king, but about the Sagittarius ...
Tell me much until the end! "

"Plans? And, yes, about the plans!
Once in his youth with the shaman
I am in the village of the same
I met long ago.

Your witch, so you know,
There, and some were not!
Shamans witchcraft
Steeper any tales in!

There's something he told me,
How to get rid of the grandfather,
If this is the grandfather
Tired of that will save no!

There is a procedure,
As for the young figure
And do not bring harm,
Well, the old man - tranda!

But the king of something of yours, for example,
Not a big loss!
And besides, since Sagittarius
It will take the royal crown!

Just do abroad
Procure pen Firebird,
Though nothing, and without it
Did not accept the magic! "

Without it you can not,
And get something it is difficult,
They were about twenty units
In the world of most of these birds!

Yes, and many cost money,
But try to go by!
Somehow I secretly
Able to exhort the king! "

"And ask for something and do not have to!
A bird in the palace, near here,
In the spring we with Sagittarius
Brought it into the house!

Once in the field have caught
Yes, the king, and presented.
Our "honored young naturalists"
The cage holds the exhibit!

So the bedroom to it stamp your
And there nadergano of assholes,
Kohl will allow the old man,
These feathers though beam! "

"That's a miracle! That is the reward!
And no need to beg!
The elderly lady's man
Sam "fowl" give!

That luck what!
Feathers something, damn it, under the hand!
Well, the morning ptashechku
I as a sticky strip it!

You pass a Sagittarius,
Kohli, say, tomorrow morning
King suddenly somehow zablazhit,
Let not a coward and not bzdit!

Let spolnyaet all, how to say,
If it is very scary even,
Kohl does not want to be in the shit,
Let it trust me!

Everything is as it should, I'll make ...
And now it is time to rest,
And your old man kinglet
Looking much knocked down!

Be healthy! But remember, urgently
Tell Sagittarius everything exactly:
It will be brave tomorrow afternoon,
Will you here the king! "

Dusted off, her hair,
And running back rushed,
Boudreau, fun, easy,
Fortunately, that close ...

King already excited
And going to go look for:
"I really thought, not in a dream eh,
You, Princess, I dreamed!

Oh, time for us to gather,
The temple priest to go to get married!
All ready on the ground,
Well pull the cat's tail? "

"No, my friend, at first in the bathhouse,
Wedding tomorrow early in the morning,
What can we, too chasing horses?
The morning is wiser than the night!

And yet ... We, the Magyars,
There are many rites of old,
Before the wedding, for example,
Bridegroom hover dick!

Force he once typed,
If, before the sunrise,
Though a little bit on
His stick in boiling water!

And you, I'm sorry but,
Kohl godkov already under asshole,
It would not hurt the whole b
Meanwhile pour over boiling water!

You were, to a dark night,
Your servants a huge vat
be dragged into the yard,
And firewood on the fire.

Just like there were to perform,
Chan water stream to fill,
And there the fire to dissolve,
That way an hour to six!

And yet ... I have to rite
Firebird feather necessary,
It affects me that here
And the pen and the bird is.

Here I am in the water, my good,
That pen just give up,
Will from him fat
Stronger magic spells!

As nyrn¸sh there three times,
You'll be young once!
Like a long time and have not lived,
Strong, vigorous, full of energy!

And after all that is most precious,
After the procedure, you can
You got me a bitch "tear"
Every day for five hours!

Zazhiv¸m with you for the glory,
In our glorious power,
One soul, one hundred years ...
So that, I agree, no? "

"Well, stake it is not dangerous,
I was on all agree!
Yes, for you, princess,
I have not a damn scary!

As for the birds - without giving up!
Though fried her infection,
All this one parasite
Only shouts sr¸tsya yes!

And look askance vulgar,
When I walk around,
Norov, stamping in the shit,
All podstavt me asshole!

And from what used? Yes, to hell with it with peahen!
I now have fun
There are better - it's you -
Top of desires and dreams!

Give me just once more
Your kiss "flowered"
In parting, before going to bed,
Kovyrnut there tongue! "

"Look, you both understand! ..
No, dear, I'm tired ...
So many long days on the road,
I used to crawl into my bunk!

And besides, with excitement
The pussy - doomsday!
So there smells and flows -
You will bring the jaw!

Tomorrow everything you want,
And today there is too wet,
I would go to the bathhouse,
And in bed - to sleep, sleep, sleep! "

To be continued... …

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Commodity-money love ...

The first bottle of beer sold, and the turn came the second. Perhaps, few things are as exempt from workday stress, like alcohol. Perhaps that is why many in the end and drink too much.
We sat on a bench near a factory hostel - it is necessary, such still preserved. They drank beer, enjoyed a light spring breeze, the setting sun and chatting in fact nothing.
His companion because I knew so far. He worked in one of the shops of the plant, has worked conscientiously and drinking, not yielding to the work. Healthy, even a prominent guy with decent care, constantly drunk and often quite surly. It was not me nor other or friend, at best, friend, but the evening was so pleasant and weightless, that we necessarily were drinking buddies in this celebration of spring.
It's good subjects, because the words flowed from it, if not a stream, then a quiet persistent gloomy brook sure. He was not eloquent, spoke directly, do not hesitate in vocabulary and expressions. Often, it was difficult to understand, but he did not always understand what he wanted to say the phrase, uttered a couple of minutes ago, so if I'm that interested in his story, which, I confess, it was not often, I had to sometimes ask again, clarify or even to offer answers.
Stories of his life is told there were many, most of them I missed by itself, even without understanding, but one is still deposited in the memory. As I said before, to transfer the conversation without loss of meaning, it would be difficult, if not impossible, because I took it upon myself to somehow organize heard and to provide in a form that would not allow immediately lose the thread of the narrative, a bored yawn and put fiction aside.
- The case happened with me. - He began sadly. Without sentimentality, even as a surly and humbly. - Recently. I just got paid. Noted, we pay with the guys and I went home to sleep.
The road he usually took no more than half an hour, but then he decided to stay and sat down on a bench free in one of the houses along the road and thought, his head bowed.
- Great live? - He did not recognize her, but it could sya it so happened that she was working somewhere in the neighborhood saw him and not the unwritten tradition of factory workers, considered themselves familiar with him.
- Not complaining. - He replied rudely and eyed her look.
Normal girl, 30 years before krupnovat but shapely, with broad hips and strong legs elastic, groats chest, concealed not fresh leather jacket and ashen-white mop of hair, flowing just below her shoulders. Such, at least a dime a dozen on the factory floor, not always to the best of well-groomed, but always simple-and often quarrelsome.
- It's good. - She said, and smiled at him. - Cigarettes treated ourselves?
He handed her the "Vatra" - cheap and "zaboristye", which favored. She twisted grimace of disgust, but took a cigarette and she podkurila.
Sizyi suffocating smoke, flying out of her mouth, her candid splendor emphasized, perhaps even somewhat vulgar lips.
- What are you silent? - She asked, distracting him from his thoughts.
- Yes, nothing. - He replied. - Resting. After work, I ...
- A-ah ... -zatyanulas she again was silence.
- How do you call it, girl? - Finally he asked.
- It does not matter. - She snapped. - To treat ourselves better lady ...
- And Sergey me. - Alcohol at work tired, apparently, prevented him to perceive what is happening.
- It is good that Sergei. You'd better tell me, Serge, the money you have?
- There is something? - He replied.
- Then, let's take what the realties in the shop and go, sit with me. - She suggested.
- Well, it's quite another thing! - Finally I realized what tends girl, he roused himself. - Wine ... - but she did not let him finish:
- Vodka ... - without a hint of irony, she clarified the situation. - Yes, and let's go already. I sat up.
Shopping in the store filled with incredible speed. She went ahead and seemed to right sweeping everything off the shelves. After the box office Sergei realized that he had lost most of the money, which by itself was sad, but the sexual instinct drove him forward and he followed her, already openly considering its large form stood out skirt through vobtyag.
She was about as tall with him and Sergey guy was not small - almost 190 growth, and therefore looked in the eye, making it clear who is boss.
I will hand it gave already in the stairwell, and imagination, and even earlier.
- But wait you. - She pushed him away, adjusting lifted her skirt. - I had almost the same.
She gave him in the hallway, long and clean up littered with various stuff. Under pressure from his breast she collapsed on the dusty table and provided work to him. Alcohol mixed with hormones captured the whole thing and he did not even care about security, not thinking about what it is able to reward this person, do not hesitate to quickly bared her and went.
Wide pelvis in this position seemed almost dimensionless. Sergey, like most people from working-class families, preferred to give in the body, though certainly admired fashion lapwing. Probably due to their preferences and finished it so quickly, in spite of fatigue, no alcohol, and even hefty bags with groceries and other belongings, which he did not dare to omit Metheny floor. He especially did not think where to dump the contents of their testicles crowded, but somehow contrived at the last moment still go out and sprinkle it whitish liquid large and at the same time sufficiently elastic back. Cum dripping on the buttocks, penetrated into the hollow between them, and the lady did not utter a sound.
- You have everything? - She asked in a half-turn of the head, propping up the hand when the liquid has reached the anus. - Okay, come on into the kitchen ...
She quickly got rid of the bottom of your closet so in this form, topped with a jacket, sweaters and that there is more beneath, emphasizing the width of his bare thighs, Fortress lovely legs, and let not the narrowest, but proportional to the body waist, suggested Sergei begin laying the table .
- Set the table. I do that in the bathroom ... splattered vsyu.- hand she wiped her buttocks and smiled.
She appeared fifteen minutes later. The lovely robe, poured herself, then Sergei softly clinked glasses with him and with one gulp drained stogrammovuyu capacity.
- Well I am gone. - Delight, she noted, eating herring. - Come on now you're in the bathroom. Soap there on a box ...
When he returned, she was drunk, looked for to settle down in the corner of the kitchen another TV soap opera, and slowly puff up at the ceiling, his legs thrown.
- How long are you there somehow. - She gasped. - I'm really going to go watch ... In here, take ...
They drank, time, second, third ... Sergei felt that a bottle of vodka, which seemed in store dimensionless, empties in his eyes, and his strength goes along with it. Lady, it seems, was all no how much, and when Sergei missed what happened with him is extremely rare, it only grinned and drank herself.
- Well, Sergei, - she said defiantly. - So we will sit?
Sergei did not have time to recover, as the agility to the cat, she was under the table, he bared his flaccid dildo and immediately swallowed whole. On television, the next regular cops catch rapists, and there, under the table, he almost suffered an act of violence. The truth is we have to admit that Sergei himself was not opposed to what has been gaining confirmation of the strength of his male organ.
- About what you are! - Rough, with a shadow of ridicule, she teased him lady again absorbing and releasing the will of the flesh. - For a long time it was not here this guy ...
A member of the newly disappeared between her plump, now surely vulgar, lips. Not just disappeared and fell into the abyss, and Sergei, even for a moment, that's so completely swallow the lady and him, but the sponge once again parted and released the sweaty flesh at will.
- That's fine, my boy. - It is just as fast as before, and was under the table, he appeared before the Sergei in all its glory. - Now let me. - And throwing open the robe, he placed one jerk head Sergey between his legs, forcing him to bend considerably.
No, Sergei was not a snob, he was not experienced in dealing with the opposite sex, but here before him like something similar has not had to deal with and, even more so, to forced sex it.
Alcohol made itself felt, and he did not immediately PMN what happens so that the lady requires it. More number of minutes ago, his cock rested in her lips, and now it is strongly suggested to change places.
- Well, what are you ?! - She insisted, tightly clutching his head between his legs, and he could not stand it, got up, getting rid of it is not like a woman strong grip, turned his back, and as she was looking for support on the adjacent wall, entered her.
Forces there was a little, but it was enough to pull out all its rules, in retaliation for the humiliation to which he believed, she had exposed.
He thrashed as I could in a strong, albeit battered life so exhausted by work and alcohol, tel. And the more he made frictions, the more squeezed her breasts in sinyh working hands, the more it was got, simultaneously making fun of him ...
- Oh, my little! - She laughed through the groans. - Well, who's so fucking ?! Maybe you ate a little porridge ... Finish and go to back up, and that in fact you may not be enough for the next time.
- Shut up! - He almost screamed, but it did not stop it.
- Oh, come on, come on, saddle mare. - Bursting into laughter in the gaps between the WinCE, she clapped him on the buttocks, urging continued.
His fury Sergei pressed her body against the wall so that the large breasts, already rather sagging, flattened and now its edges protrude from under the torso, in one place exposing the nipple.
She teased him, he is the factory and, for a long time going to the hard sex, only aggravated it. She felt it on myself and on the op being a lady of strong constitution, demanded the continuation and strengthening of the contact. Spiraling their alcoholic sex long ago moved to the phase when the partners are left on the bodies of each other traces of intimacy.
The stale breath, streaming sweat on her curved back, massive buttocks flattened against the wall chest, gathered in his hand the ash-white hair and her moans, alternating with occasional speeches, derision, all finally put together and it is no longer able to restrain himself, I poured the seed directly into her, between her legs, between the buttocks, and then, through the mouth, in her womb ... She did not realized what is happening and still some time urgently required to continue, without understanding the reason for which he stopped and took out a deciduous plant from it, but had only seed to escape and streamed down her feet, she stepped back, rubbed her mutilated breasts, worn already marks the future of bruises and bruises, winced from pain and tired of such loads buttocks and legs, looked around Sergey their eye and saying not a word, went into the bathroom.
As he bathed, and whether it is washed, the man does not remember. I not put in the memory and the moment of going to sleep, but he definitely remembered how in an indescribable bliss hugged the pillow, the last effort wrapped himself in a blanket and fell asleep.
Among the night snis him something warm, brackish, piled on top of the face, mouth and sometimes overlapping hindering breathing. At the same time, and it was nice, and somehow it is very unusual. Sergei wanted to drive away in the direction of the dream, or change it to a different, but somehow it did not work. He tried to roll over on its side, but it seems that events in the world of Morpheus, were so strong that they simply did not allow him to implement it. And then, in unison, he threw up his hands, grabbed something which prevented him to breathe again and knocked aside.
- Yes, what is it ?! - The answer was discontented remark ladies.
Finally, do not wake up, Sergei sat on the bed and the realization of what was happening to him gradually brightened. Do not calmed down after her evening attempts, the lady simply straddled the sleeping face and clinging her lips to his, still received the.
- Savage has got some ... - she moaned, rubbing his thigh Scratched. - Rough, uncouth ... - but she was not allowed to finish. She quickly turned on his back, closed his mouth and immediately taken. She has long been wet, and excited by the fact that it was interrupted at the moment when she could finally get their own, much annoyed her. But after a rough forced sex she immediately changed temper justice with mercy and gave herself entirely to him ...
The bed was much more comfortable and tidy. He was required only strength and endurance, and poses, angles and sound, and has taken solely on yourself, writhing beneath him, arching his back, scattering his feet, closing his them, scratching the back of his hands and stroking his chest, pushing him to roll over or get on your knees ... finally she again pushed him away and immediately swallowed dildo his lips. Oral lasted just a minute from the force, and once again he finished. The product has left him not to fill her mouth, Sergei did not even felt, all of it in an instant disappeared, failed without even leaving a trace.
- The man, however ... - she summed up, wiping his lips ...
They slept long and carefree ... Sergei did not go to work, about its plans - he was not even interested in ...
Their idyll lasted several days. Periodically, he left the apartment, in order to replenish stocks of food, alcohol and cigarettes. Come back, I ate, drank alcohol and indulged in rough wild sex with a lady who did not want to give her name ...
In the next sunny morning, when a stormy night was already over, morning blowjob inexorably approaching, both lying in the bed, smoking and aloof silence.
- There you want? - She asked, smoking another cigarette, and not leaving the bed.
- Yes.
- Run down and buy that realties of vodka ... And take a little more, yesterday once was not enough ...
- So I have no money. - Childishly naive surprised his request Sergey. - Yesterday I spent the past.
- Not at all? - She gasped at the ceiling.
- More ... - I replied one.
- Then what are you doing here? - Like a bolt from the sky sounded calm quiet words. - Fuck out of here ...
- So I packed up and went ... - I finished my story, Sergei. The sun was beginning to set and become cool, it was time to gather ...
- And so I packed up and gone?
- Well yes. - He asked. - It is just behind the knife and the neighbors call.
- Yeah, hot stuff. - I agreed with him.
- Yes. While the money was, I did it like that, but as an end. - He sighed. - Now, once a month more to live.
- Sadly it is gone ... In the future you will know ...
- Yeah ... right ... Bab¸, they are not such you can expect ... - he sighed again.

I would be extremely grateful if left reviews. Of course, I would like to read a positive comment - if only because amuse your self-esteem - but reckless praise only inhibits the development, if any nullifies, because criticism is accepted and encouraged.

Any attention is very valuable.

With deep respect. :)

dorin.dorian@yandex.ru …

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The third is not superfluous

My name is Sonya. I 21 were secured I have a young man of 26 years. I want to tell you a story that happened last summer.

We with my young man (Sasha) live together for about 2 years. Fuck ** msya day prolet.Tak here ... What am I doing ?! Oh yes!!!

Last summer, the heat was unbearable. Many resting on the beach, sunbathing, swimming. Including me. The summer was to meet new people. But there was not a lot of boring. And not to die out, Sasha introduced me to his childhood friend. His name was Andrew. This guy was inflated krasavchikom.Kak I later found out he had a wife (Olga), with whom he lived in Married for 4 years. Andrew I liked immediately. Always joking, showing all sorts of tricks out there, talking on various topics. He was a wonderful guy. We became friends.

Soon I became acquainted with his wife. The friend she had not recorded. And I did not have to, I have enough friends. I'll tell you the truth it was much hard on Andrew. Violating his personal space, he pointed out and was always acidly. Not who did not like it. And so we preferred to spend free time without her.

Andrei had his own car. All three of us loved her ride to various places. Especially loved the ride on the beach at night. And what happened in one night on this beach? ...

I have long noticed that Andrew, I have not exactly breathe. What? I krasivaya.Dlinnye girl hair tightened buttocks and chest, and the face of the queen. So ... Andrew always paid me attentions, spoke compliments, and in some cases even could hugged. My boyfriend is either not noticed or did not want to notice. And it makes me even more interesting. And I won my heart Andrei. No no!!! I had not fallen in love. I wanted him. But I understand that we did not work with him. I do not know him, but I did not want her boyfriend to change.

So !!! The three of us arrived at the beach late at night. It was scary, dark circle. I was saved only car headlights lighting. We settled down. Built a fire. Seli fry kebabs. We talked, laughed, drank wine. After 2 hours gatherings and drinking alcohol, we finally relaxed. Especially me. Andrew decided to go for a swim in the lake. He took off his T-shirt, shorts and swimming trunks. Having said that he loves to swim naked. Then I went to the lake. The first time I saw him naked elastic ass and his huge cock. I was a little ashamed to look at his naked sexy body, but I have noticed that my boyfriend or does not react at all. Meanwhile, I was removed from the ass of my friend Andrei further and further. When Andrew left, Sasha spoke to me on the subject of filming a porn video. I eagerly brought him a pair of arguments in favor of such a proposal. Then he got me started kissing and caressing. All the lower neck, he sank his lips to my breasts, licking nipples, he pulled his fingers to my slag. He caressed my pussy with his right hand and left nipples squeezed very strongly that I was moaning in pain. And I moaned. But at that moment I thought that we have to stop this game, otherwise we will fall into an awkward situation with Andrew. He could see what we're doing. Sasha reassured me, saying that Andrew is not coming soon. Once again, I relaxed. Sasha has put his finger in my vaginku and drove it back and forth. I moaned with pleasure. Then Sasha completely undressed and forced to take his swollen dick into her mouth. I began to suck his trunk as a polagaetsya. He sit down on my head member with special cruelty, so I choked him by a dick. Then he pushed me away and said enough to suck. I turned my head towards the lake and saw the approach of Andrew. Dick Andrew stood as a brave soldier. He saw Sasha toying with me and probably from that excited. Then he said: "I would also like to play these games." To which my boyfriend said: "On, Poizdevaysya over my little girl." I honestly was in shock. My boyfriend never welcomed infidelity. And then as a substitute. They ordered me to strip and kneel. I did so. I'm obedient slut. Andrew came up to me at the front and began to touch my leaning sisechki. More and more he squeezed nipples admiring my body. His balls were hanging in front of my face. I saw my guy got out of the car the camera and switched it on videotape. In the meantime, I ran, I liked the way Andrew touches me. It suddenly struck me podschechinu and I fell on the sand. Then he picked me up by the hair and rudeness has entered into my mouth his dick, and then began to fuck me in the mouth and call me a whore and zaglotkoy. He hit me again and put the cancer. Sasha all filmed on vidio and nadrachival currently dick. Andrew immediately went to my cap and fucked me five minutes in this position with breaks for suction. This was not the ordinary sense. In my dick of another guy, and even with my Sasha, which records video. Andrew said that he wants to shove me in the ass and that my consent sdes not ask. He took me to the car and got into the back seat, and ordered to lie down on it. I lay down and tilted her head to the feet, at the same moment I felt his hard and big cock in my ass. It was painful and I screamed bloody murder. He liked how I cry and so he fucked me harder and deeper. I got an orgasm. But Andrew did not let me. He then came out of my ass then came back. I loved the fucking. Then he put me cancer and otebal ass so that I was ready to cum again, but with even greater force. Andrew finished me right on the ass hole and lasciviously brushed my sperm remnants in his mouth. My guy is filmed and finished with us. I was very tired after such a fucked, put on and went to sleep in the back seat. When she woke up we arrived in the gorod.Sasha and Andrew asked as I rested. I said that enough sleep, what to hear that, well, time to sleep, it becomes a cancer and take off her panties. I took off my pants and began to cancer legs apart waiting for that proizoydet.Oni stuck his fingers in my ass and cap and began to fuck. I groaned. Then they brought me to orgasm and I finished. They called me a whore and washed-laugh. Then Andrew took us home with Sasha and said goodbye to us.

After that, I did not speak for a long time with Sasha on this topic. He said that he liked and that he would like to repeat something like that. I said what I think. But I myself secretly fucked guy every weekend with Andrew and his friends. Here such I slut !!! …

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Homemade porn video with her mother ...

This story is a continuation of erotic porn story "Group sex with mom".

The next morning I woke up naked with protruding member ... Mom was not around ... Stone cock again longed for my mother naked body.
I found her in the kitchen makes the salad. I went back to my mother, hugged and whispered in your ear:
- Good morning my love...
What mom said:
- Good morning favorite son.
Then I tilted it forward, his elbows on the kitchen table belly to "cancer", lifted the hem of the robe, thong lowered to his knees and went into his mother's ass stone rod ...
- MMMMM morning incest and anal sex once ... How romantic ... moaned mom ... I have all morning was a member, so I pecked ass mom like a rabbit ...
Mom erotic moaning:
- MMMMM how well my love, my love, my man, my boy, enjoy me, his woman ... do not stop ... more ... even more ... AAAA, AAAA, yeah, yeah, sssss, mmmmm, mmmmm. .. I was holding my mother's bare hips and pulled her juicy, tender ass on his hard dick sticking out ... How nice ... just amazing ... and then I got one idea ... I have decided to withdraw our incest video and put on the Internet on some sort of porn site. That is to say the real incest, no cheating !!!
Continuing to fuck anal mom, I asked her:
- Mom, do not want to play in a movie, that is, in home video?
- What does it mean? - Mom asked.
- Well, it's a home video - I said.
- We have a lot of home video, why not - she moaned.
- I mean, homemade porn, and then posted on the Internet on a porn site in the section "incest"...? - I continued.
- What do you mean my son, this is the same all know, mmmm, ssssss, aaaaaa, stop please, let's talk ... - Mom moaned.
- Be patient, I will soon be over ... - and became even more moving member in my mother's ass.
- Why do you hesitate, for example in France and even in some countries can be brakosochetatsya with their relatives, and what we see on the screen naked, and even in porn scenes, it is generally cool ... Real mother and son fucking - it is generally a bomb ... - I said.
- Okay, okay, son, Take care of only the seed, does not finish without a camera - my mother moaned.
- Yes, you're right ... we must stay until ... - I said, sticking out his cock out of my mother's priests ...
Then I led the handle of the mother in the room, took out a camera, passport, my mother, my and said:
- Well chronicled our love for history?
- Chronicled ... - Mom smiled ...
- Only now I was not comfortable and shoot and have sex with you, come on, I'll call a neighbor Ivan, which you used to fuck, this is ideal, and after video footage you can with him pokuvyrkatsya, remove it sexual tension itd .. . - I said.
- Well, you son Fibber - pervert course, but I agree - my mother said with a smile.
- Well, I went to Ivan - I said. A few minutes later a neighbor, Ivan was in our apartment.
I started the conversation:
- Vanek, you've been my mom's lover?
- Well ... yes ... was, and what of it?
- Yes, all right, we're invited to help us to remove the mother homemade porn, incest video ... then how can you want to fuck my mom to complete all the respiratory and pihatelnye ...
- What? Do not understand? Do you want to have sex, and even in front of the camera? I sezzhaet roof ... Do not do it, you're family, Mother and son, you can not fuck ...
- First, we have already done, ie my mother and lovers ... And we want to express our feelings in front of the camera, you help us or not?
- It's certainly strange, well, if your mom will let me fuck her in the ass, I agree ...
- Ivan, you also said Maxim all respiratory and pihatelnye ... - with a malicious smile, her mother said.

Everything was ready and we started ... First camera shot mom passport close-up: Sovelva Julia Alexandrovna, then a page, where the children are recorded, ie, I son - Sovelev Maxim Leonidovich, then the camera is sealed with my passport: Sovelev Maxim Leonidovich, then the camera shows a page where my mother and I are registered ... The documents proved that we are a real mother and son ...

We took my mother every man his passport and I said:
- As you know, my name is Max, and this is my mother Julia, now we are zaym¸msya sex, ie, real incest. After that I went to my mother, and unceremoniously began to undress her. He took off his robe, bra, thong and taking bare hands mother, carried her to the bed. He laid on his back, so that his head was on the edge and slightly pushed prekrassnoe naked body of my mother on what would face tilted to the floor ...
It so happened that my mother looked at me upside down, ie upside down ... This position is very suitable for the neck sex ...
- Ivan meanwhile was running around with a camera, then increasing the intimate plans, reducing the ... I undressed and put his penis in the mother's mouth, then pressed to the face and my penis went into Mom's throat ... As well in this position to pull throat ... head pressed between the bed and groin ... seen as a member of the move in the throat ... fantastic ... I was holding my mother's breasts and hard fucked in the throat ... Mom mumbling, moaning. Since morning I fucked in the ass mother, but did not finish, so the seed start to shoot after 7-8 minutes. pulled out a member of the mother's throat, I finished it in her open mouth, then climbed on top mum inserting the penis into the vagina ... S¸mka continued. The camera showed the son fucks his mother in a real pussy ... I was so carried away by sex, that did not manage to get a member and finished right in my mother ... that my mother's vagina ...
- Mom, sit ass on my cock back to me, that would have been seen all your beauty ... - I said.
She did so. The camera showed up near CIMS my mother and the way in her ass mad rhythm moves my piston ...
Mom moaned ... I continued to hammer away at it anal, being raised more and more of what we remove the camera ... then I cried
-Vanek put the camera so that it shows the foreground and join, you like my mother ass fuck, let's interpose the second term in the ass ...
- Max Oh no, we did not agree, do not have my son - my mother stammered.
- Come on, we're with you all the guys in the ass by three members pulled, and there are only two ...
- Okay, son, I love you, and therefore will always allow you to do with me whatever you want !!!
- Excellent! Good for you, I love you too ... Ivan let scoops ... Vanek undressed, walked up to us and put his unit also mom in the ass ... We tore my mum's ass about half an hour. Mom was crying, screaming, moaning ... then just Ivan Member thick, together with my it was something not imaginable ... My mother was really sick ... I had finished first and pulled out a member, and my mom turned Vanek cancer and continued to hammer away your mother's a super machine tender point ... Now, I took the camera in his hands ... Continuing to shoot, I explained to the audience that Ivan is a former lover, mother, etc. etc ... Big sweeping jerks Vanek finished in the ass of my mother ...

Everything was filmed on video and posted on the Internet on one of the porn sites ... …

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Searchers. Part 1: The boat of love and the search for the phallus Egyptian queen Shemei

The snow-white yacht cut through the water of a tropical sea, except on her turquoise transparent surface of the water there was no one and nothing, only occasionally flew seagulls broke this solitude. On the deck, on the nose yachts under the scorching rays of the tropical sun lying girl Sally 23 years, left her leg was bent at the knee, and his right hand is straight. Graceful arms stretched along the body, smooth tanned skin and slender waist sport tummy violated piercing in the navel. Nude rounded breasts were all treated kindly rays of the sun, and a little blond hair fluttered in the wind. The only thing that was not available to the scorching rays, this blue eyes hidden under sunglasses and crotch, without a single hair hidden behind a turquoise triangle bikini panties. The superstructure of the yacht at the controls on the right side sat a young man, John 25 years, clearly stood out all the muscles from the shoulders and ending with his feet on the sports body. Cubes abdominal muscles bordered with black knee-length shorts, swimming trunks black hides. Despite the fact that John's crotch was smooth as a baby, the size of his penis in the excited state were truly men of 25 centimeters in length and 5 in diameter.

-Sally, we're here! - Said John, killed the engine, and the boat slowly stopped.

She opened her eyes and saw through the glasses glasses in front of John's face, his blond hair slightly developed wind and brown eyes looked straight at her. Dropping anchor, John ordered the cabin everything you need for scuba diving, and put all on the floor of the cockpit - recess in the stern of the yacht, started with Sally to prepare for the dive. She wore a dark blue swimsuit with indoor high neckline to hips, which visually lengthens the legs and began to put on scuba gear. John was not dressed, he took off his shorts and was in swimming trunks that emphasized his firm buttocks, put on scuba gear, he and Sally down the ladder on the stern into the water, taking in her mouth the mouthpiece, through which the air and wearing a mask, they sank under the water. Underwater accepted them as honored guests, and revealed to them all their splendor. At the bottom of the sea had its coral mountains and fields covered with a carpet of algae, small colorful fish swimming around and were not afraid of a man who could even touch them. But all this beauty was gone by the wayside, when due to another coral mountains seemed like the outline of a small hill, it was a sunken ancient Egyptian ship for many years under water, he went deep under the ground and overgrown with moss and algae. John and Sally looked at each other, it was what they were looking for, swam closer, they began to study the find. The ship would be huge and the only reason he was not completely absorbed by the soil, and through the holes in the bottom could not only look, but also swim inside. The first discovery was miraculously preserved amphora, indicating the high skill of the one who did it. The images on the amphora confirmed that this is the vessel that was needed a couple of travelers. Sally wanted to check what is in the depths of the ship, but John gave her a sign that the air is running out and it is time to rise. First on board was an amphora that John, climbing the ladder, put it on the floor and held out his hand Sale rising behind it. Removing the aqualung, they brought an amphora in the cabin and put on the table, after having covered his oilcloth.

Also in the center of the table, to the left at the entrance stood a sofa bed, and on the right is the kitchen. Against the far wall was a door to the bathroom, where there was a shower and a toilet. Sitting comfortably on chairs opposite each other at the table, Sally and John began to study the amphoras.

-What a great job! - She said with admiration.

-Now carefully clean it, - said John, and began to clean off the dirt and algae amphora. - Well, what can you say? - He asked, when the work was completed.

-Woman on amphora, probably the queen, judging by her clothes, from her crotch visible phallus. Here she lies on her back, here kneeling, the phallus is behind. But here's the strange thing, if it satisfies itself that the phallus, then why not on one of the images she portrays her masturbation does not touch his hands?

-Maybe for more eroticism that was more visible?

-No, there's something else, look - Sally opened the laptop and download the necessary document - that is written here, that according to the legend of the Queen Shemei, translated as desire, had many phallus, which she used for self-gratification, but one she loved most. It was small, only 16 cm in length and 4 in diameter, but it can be used without touching it.

-Without touching? What is it like?

-It was felt that he had a special attachment to it can be fastened at any angle to any object. But the question arises, why not make such a phallus, but bigger?

-Can not stand attachment - smiling, said John.

-One of the researchers believed that the phallus is somehow able to move himself in the likeness of modern faloimitatorov with a motor. And he was referring just to the fact that not one of the found images queen Shemei not holding hands phallus. The exceptions are images where she masturbates big phallus, and this is always portrayed a small hands-free.

Sally enthusiastically read it and did not notice that John came up behind her and began to massage her shoulders. She lifted her head and kissed him, exposing her breasts, removing the swimsuit to the waist, she closed her eyes and relaxed. John strongly and at the same time gently massaged her smooth shoulders, hands down below, he squeezed her breasts soft as peach and round as a coconut. By making circular movements with his hands around her breasts, he returned to his shoulders, then lowered them again and everything repeats. Sally stood up and went to the breast on the table, stretching his arms forward, while John pushed his chair back and stood behind her back massaged. He gathered her fingers in the skin folds and did so from the waist to the shoulders, then tapping finger movements down to the waist again. He took off her swimsuit that accordion was gathered at the waist and at the thigh, crouched down, fondled her shapely legs from heels to the buttocks. His hands he clutched her buttocks, slightly pushing them apart in such a motion, he could see the entrance of the anal ring and thumbs to nail length he came through there. John stood up and took off his swimming trunks, freeing his penis, which has long been torn out.

-Stop! - Sally suddenly exclaimed, rising from the table. - Look!

-Sally ... - John said, frowning.

-You start to look at the image on the amphora closely, - said Sally after she kissed him on the lips, running his hand over the penis. - Do not you notice?


-Look at the images found at the dig 16-centimeter phallus, is depicted without wings, and on the amphora he has wings. I have just paid attention to it, they are not immediately apparent.

-You mean that he flew? - John smiled. - Maybe it's for massaging the clitoris, anus, or they did?

-It's not clear, though maybe you're right, - and Sally ran out of the cabin, saying with a laugh, - and maybe not right! - And he jumped into the water.

-Oh, you - and John leapt after him.

Having caught up with her, he began to spray on her, and she him. They embraced, kissed and began to swim naked. Warm water caressed their bodies, and John lay on his back, his excited member at the same time stood upright looking straight into the blue sky without a single cloud. Sally swam closer to the left side and left hand beginning to masturbate Horny dick. Moisten with saliva left hand, she began to masturbate faster, saliva worked as a lubricant, but the sun quickly dries out. She sailed a little to the side, and John parted her legs, still lying on the water with his eyes closed. Sally swam between his legs spaced and tongue start to drive the entire length of the penis. She took it in her mouth, sucking a bit, then caressed the tongue along the entire length and kissing balls. Now the right hand without changing the position of the body, she began to masturbate member, kissing balls. John groaned a little and head of his cock into the sky soared sperm fireworks that fell into the water, onto his stomach and got a little Sally's head, which did not stop moving until the member has not started to relax. They dived several times to wash away the remnants of sperm and continued to swim.
-So what do you think at the expense of the wings? Still think that they are made to further stimulate the erogenous zones? - Sally asked.

-Well, what else? I do not think as you that it can move independently without assistance.

-Too true - and she began to turn his head, - Did you hear?



-What a sound, then except for us and one fish.

-Yonder see dolphins!

Twenty meters from them swam the dolphins, it emerges from the water, high-bouncing and flying two meters, again disappeared under the water. One of the dolphins got separated from the group and swam to the side of John and Sally, he soared into the air and flew over their heads, sailed toward their relatives.

-Handsomely! - Sally said admiringly.

-Indeed, graceful creatures - John said and added, - soon starts to get dark, it is time for dinner.

For dinner, they had chicken, baked in the oven, two different vegetable salad and crab, as well as red French wine. Sally sat at a table in white short shorts and a bra on a bikini, and John in a white shirt and black shorts to the knees. Then they sat on the deck of a yacht on the nose and, arm in arm, admiring the pure starry sky.

-Imagine, and in fact when some people believed that there is nothing beyond the sky there, - said John, gently embracing Sally, she was lying on his chest with his back to him.

-The ancient Greeks were among the first who started to study the heavenly bodies, - said Sally, sitting comfortably in his arms.

So they went to sleep, cuddling on the deck under the stars. Waking up in the afternoon, they freshened up in the bathroom and breakfast scrambled eggs with bacon, we began to prepare for the new wreck diving. Sally sank the first, and swam to the place of study, released red signal buoy, which soared up to the sea surface. John, saw the show on the red cone surface of the water a hundred meters to the right, and dispatched a boat anchored at a new site parking. And Sally at this time decided to independently examine the far side of the ship, although it was impossible to get a safety, but instinct told her that there was something there. She swam in the farthest corner, and illuminating dark places a flashlight, found there a small chest, the touch was like what it is made of metal, although there was no trace of rust. Chest at the sides had the same image as in Naydenov yesterday amphora, on the right side was the figure of a girl with knees wide apart, keyhole was just where was her crotch. Sally was so keen scrutiny of the trunk, which is not noticed as it swam John and a little startled. He made her a sign to indicate that she did not have to climb so far alone, but the chest, which attracted his attention, dispelled all rigorous thought. Despite the fact that the trunk looked like a new, sea water has been spared the internal mechanism of the lock and a small knife pressure, allowed to open it and look inside.

-We found it! - John said, surfacing out of the water with the trunk. - Sally, I'll go up first and take it from you.

He took her hands from the chest, and set it on the floor, then held out his hand and helped to get on board. They opened the trunk again and looked at each other, there lay the phallus queen Shemei, just for them, they went into the center of the tropical sea. Putting the chest on the table, they carefully removed the dildo and putting it into the white matter, examined it carefully. The phallus was really sixteen centimeters in length and a diameter of four at the base and he had two eggs and the first four centimeters long been smooth. Further, it was about a centimeter in the ring with the balls width over the entire length, were three centimeters in the form of an accordion, then it was still the same one ring only with short rounded at the ends of rods, two millimeters in length each. Once there was another tr¸hsantimetrovaya accordion and closes all of this head, like a real man's penis. Comparing the find with images from the database to the laptop, John and Sally again made sure that this is exactly the same phallus queen Shemei.

-Interestingly, and how she used it with no hands? - John asked, and took from the hands of the phallus Sally added. - In fact, one testicle to be lower than the other ... well, it's in terms of physiology - and instinctively pulled left testicle phallus down, as if to show how it should be really. Egg succumbed and moved down rings on the phallus began to spin about an axis in different directions, and the two bellows, then lengthened, then returned to its original position.

John jerked his hands in surprise, but the phallus fell to the floor, he remained in the same position, in what was, but he was moving. Expansion and contraction of the two bellows reminded frictions that makes a man having sex with a woman. Sally took a dildo in hand and move it through the air to the right, then release, he continued to hang in the air and work.

-Unbelievable! - She said, looking at what is happening and do not believe that this is possible.

-We need to urgently contact the professor - John said, turning to her laptop and clicking a button on the screen "call." The display shows the round face of an elderly man with a gray beard, a mustache and a small bald patches on the forehead.

-John, how are searching for? You find anything? - Heard from the laptop speakers.

-Professor Anderson, take a look at it, - said John and turned the laptop with the built in web-cam in the direction of soaring phallus.

-My God! It's impossible! It is also a move !?

-Yes, Professor, it's a miracle - Sally said, glancing from the computer screen back to the phallus.

-You managed to find out how he does it? - The professor asked.

-Not yet, we just found and immediately got in touch with you, - said John.

-Put it in the scanner and send it to me three-dimensional image, I want to look at it before your arrival, - the professor said - and try to figure out how it works, and I'll try to find out anything else about this phallus. End connection - and he hung up.

Sally pushed the bottom of the left testicle, phallus disconnected and obediently lay in her hands.

-What do you think, John, why he hovers?

-Maybe there is some kind of anti-gravity device, - he said, sitting on the couch, overturned on his back.

-This explains the only reason why he did not fall, but it does not explain why it can be moved through the air, and he will be in a position in which it is left to float.

-Are you wondering? - John asked, seeing Sally opened the scanner, but do not put the phallus in him.

-Perhaps his experience?

-Are you kidding? - John propped himself up on his elbows.

-No, we are explorers, it is necessary to check whether it is good, as the legends tell us !?

Sally put the phallus on the table and began to take off her swimsuit, threw it on the sofa, she sat on a chair in front of John and picked up the phallus. For a while, she was hesitant, but then he introduced himself into the vagina and launched a movement mechanism. A loud moan escaped from her mouth when the rings began to spin, each to his own, and the concertina is lengthened, then shortened. It is widely spread her knees and grabbed the seat of the chair arms.

-A-ah! - Sally throws her head back and moaned with pleasure.

John at first just watched for a while, but then reclining on the couch, put his right hand his trunks began to massage his penis. He looked at Sally moans with pleasure and caressing her breasts. He took off his swimming trunks, and, without stopping to observe her began to masturbate, his right hand, clutching a member, he moved up and down bringing him pleasure. Sally leaned a little forward to the edge of the chair, holding at the same time for the seat, and leaning on the shoulders back. Her long hair hung along the back of the chair, and his knees were spread even wider. From the screams of pleasure she gained more air in the chest and therefore, the rise, gaining more air into the lungs, then dropped when the cry was pulled out of his mouth. John continued to masturbate, looking at Sally, then he walked over to her and, standing feet on either side of the chair, squeezed between her breasts and his penis began to drive them between them. She at the same time releasing the seat began stroking his thighs and squeeze his buttocks while continuing to moan. He squeezed her breast harder, and thus increasing the pressure on his penis, which moves all the more vigorously. After John leaned over to Sally and kissed him passionately, so that their tongues intertwined as knot. He lifted it and turned back to the table, put it on him, her legs spread wide. Phallus remained motionless outside, but inside was happening, something that made her scream with pleasure and even a little shake. John has sent the head of his hand Sally member in the ass and slowly put it there not through. He began to move slowly at first then faster and deeper. Holding her hips pushing them wide, he watched as it meanders on the table and shouted even more, as it has already satisfied in the two most erogenous zones. Holding her by the waist, he increased the pace, and her chest began to shake even more. On both of their bodies were overflowing waves of pleasure when one of the waves became a harbinger of orgasm, John pulled out of the vagina dildo Sally and her ass from his cock and onaniruya, finished her slender belly. It's over, caressed her breasts, thighs and clitoris, sperm eruption was so strong that the first drops fell on her forehead.
In this work on the search for the phallus queen Shemei was completed, John and Sally returned to London who met them pouring rain, but such a contrast after hot days at sea was even enjoyable.

-Professor Anderson Give that to him came John and Sally Style - said John, his secretary sitting at the entrance to the professor's office, a business suit, dark hair gathered in a ponytail and strict glasses, we talked about the serious attitude to their duties.

-Come on, Professor Anderson is waiting for you, - said the secretary, went out of the office, leaving the door open letting in STYLE.

-John! Sally! Finally, I've been waiting for you, - said the professor, coming out from behind his desk and hugging them both - a seat.

John sat in a chair before the desk of Professor at the right hand of him, and Sally in the same seat on the left. She crossed her legs exposing smooth kolenochki displayed due to the gray coat, a raincoat, just as long as he wore on John.

-That professor, legends did not lie, the phallus queen Shemei that you can use there really is no hands, - said John, pulling out a black bag, and opened his trunk.

-Admit it, Sally, you have already tried it - to look conspiratorially professor asked.

-Professor - a little sternly said John.

-It's just my old man's a joke, - said the professor, turning the head of a lion figurine standing on his desk at 180 degrees.

One of the cabinets in the room opened the door, and from the resulting passage seemed skinny tall young man in a white coat.

-Carefully examine it, assign inventory number and store it, - said the professor, giving the newcomer chest.

When a young man with his hands in the chest was gone, and a wardrobe closed behind him, the head of a lion figurine back to its original position itself.

-So, my friends, I have to have another job, - professor began - that two tickets for the morning flight to Paris the day after tomorrow. You have to find the lost diary of Giacomo Casanova, which many have heard, but no one has ever seen or read, except for the Casanova.

-Professor Anderson, but we never had a honeymoon, all the time we spend in the search and research - Sally said, looking at the professor.

-You both spend time in places that others are paying a lot of money to go there, and for you all trips are paid out of the treasury, - said the professor, and added - although you're right, I give you two days to see the sights of Paris, but the third day you have to get to work. All the necessary information for its implementation have on this memory card - and he handed John a square card.

-Thank you, Professor! - Sally said.

-Thank you, Professor, my wife has long wanted to visit the shops in Paris, for it is the best attraction - John said with a smile and shook hands with the professor.

-You can be free, - said the professor - and do not forget, the morning flight the next day. …

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"Ya bitch." Since she loved to talk about himself, as told in his face a little and many of these few did not believe her. Verili- few of the few, those with which she allowed herself to write or say what they think about them.
It has been corrupted to the bone, without shame, conscience, fear and responsibility. Cynical as the Devil himself, she could see right through people. Bot on hair dryer and hang out in Latin, understood English, French and Arabic. I could keep the conversation on almost any topic. Cleverly silent. She loved to make the brain. I loved the agony of feeling. "Toys for breakfast, lunch and dinner" - so she called those with whom you communicate.
She was calm, like a boa constrictor. She loved to watch people playing with them. She could portray any emotion, to hell with curiosity pathologist gut someone's soul, to test the reaction, enjoy someone's fear, anger, pain. And love.
She loved to inflict pain she was causing this pain.
She loved sex and loved men. She loved the married men. Not all. Only those who loved their wives. She died in the waves of pleasure, watching as those who have recently been hardened faithful monogamous husbands, began to lie to his second half. She felt the bliss of knowing that the cuckolded another woman, who believed firmly that it is de "in his one and only man."
She loved to break up the couple. Strong couples. She is very fond of it, and she did it.
The first pair of ... However, she does not remember the women. Women she did not notice, no notice. I forget them as unnecessary, superfluous. She remembered only men. Those whose souls she took away the lawful wives or "regular girls." Those who gave himself without reserve. Those who are fond of some horrible, perverted love.
The first pair was a Russian student who was studying in Norway. 25-year-old ... no, not the guy ... man. Umnichka, handsome, like an angel. Curls platinum color and incredible cornflower eyes. The body, which would have approved of the sculptor. Fingers piano, subtle, sensual.
He was strong. Handsome, strong and intelligent. Yes, and it was not interested in mediocrity. She loved the clever and beautiful. And not free. And true, yes. But I repeat myself.
They met at the sea at night. No, not on a deserted rocky beach.
There was a fire, was one of the sites of a summer camp, it was a dry wine and the company of young people-geek. And she adored that. And because they could not worship. Less than six months ago, she returned from datsan, where he learned to lie and lie beautifully. Oh, she told people the truth about the goodness, beauty, harmony and peace in the soul, balance, love, understanding and happiness. The lie was that she had no account put that saying.
So, she was sitting by the fire and smiled a smile of pure bodhisattva broadcast of understanding and forgiveness. She listened. night air enveloped almost palpable, crackling twigs in the fire, and her voice, low and soothing, rumbled, like pebbles in the surf.
By the fire approached by two. One of the first pair and zhenschina.Oni sat down and began to listen. Silently they walked silently sat silently began to listen. Interrupt it to them seemed a sacrilege, like everyone else, by the way ....
- From you comes svet.- softly said his woman.
- From Lucifer, too, there is a light ...- she thought, and innocently looked at both of them. Estimated at a moment of his krasotu.- If he um¸n- he mine-she thought, and asking them a question, the answer was the man with an angelic face and a beautiful torso, like statues Buonarroti. His answer was not interested in a woman it does, though listened to everything was visible attention.
He was more than not stupid.
She found herself a new toy.
Slowly flowing night, slowly, and the conversation flowed. Slowly we are drinking tea.
- Come swim - she said, and without looking back, walked slowly to the sea.
All looked at her, at her tall, slender as a cypress, a figure in her hair, curling rings on white silk, obvivshy its almost black by the sun body. And all went to her and could not be otherwise.
The sky scattered myriads of stars. Almost white stars on the sky, bright moon, calm. At night, the calm and the stars and she, going to the sea, spread out his hands, as if in an attempt to hold the whole sky. She loved this world and ourselves in it. Untied the cloth knot on his hip, made brook silk slip the legs on the rocks. He entered the water, her soul like black, and swam silently.
Nearby floated rest and enjoy the sea, the sky, the air, the silence and her.
She laughed.
- This night is beautiful - laughing as rain droplets on glass.
Everyone started to talk, laughing. She defused the silence and now the company is happy to chatter in the sea.
She looked at him. OH on it. She swam straight at him, slowly, in some unimaginable bliss hands slicing a frozen sea. And he swam past him, as if accidentally touched the fingertips of his hands. He shivered. He told her about it later. About shivering, how horrified to hear the beating of his heart, that his only desire was to embrace it and not let go. He hated himself at that moment. He looked at the woman, floating beside him, drove away the thoughts of the one mentally hugged, swam to shore. On the shore, he sat on the shore and realized that lie to yourself it can not. …

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What causes masturbation

That day we Kolka returned early from school because the algebra teacher was ill, and Pavel, our historian, whose class schedule was immediately after algebra, let our class home. First, we decided to take a walk with the company of our classmates, and other acquaintances of children, but the street was nothing to do, besides the nasty drizzling rain. We decided to go to Cole as the parents he was not at home and watch some funny videos online You tube. Nothing new, that we might like to, we did not find. And then Kolyan suddenly invited me to watch a porn movie. We've been best friends since first grade, and nothing from each other did not hide, including the fact that the two from time to time to watch porn and wank. We were both fourteen years old, I started masturbating about a year ago, and Nick later. A couple of times we even masturbate together at my house, when watched porn downloaded from the Internet.
Doing it was still nothing, the mood was not so hot, I would even say ugly - possibly blame was dark and wet weather outside. After some debate, we decided this time to see something related to oral sex and Kohl progruz first movie. It was all quite simple: high black woman with huge boobs and totally forgettable face sucked in turn two guys. In the story, as far as we knew, one of them was her son, and the other white - his friend.
We sat on the bed and masturbated Kolya, despite it all. No sooner had the video is over, and we finish with a friend, when suddenly someone rang the doorbell. From surprise and fright I nearly tore himself a member. After a few moments, I still thought of him to remove his pants and sat on the edge of the bed as if in thought. Kohl at this time managed to turn off the porn movie on your computer and get out of the porn site, and immediately headed for the door. I heard a loud enough voice, but really could not make out anything. His heart beat a little louder would not most of these votes. After a couple of minutes Koljan slammed the door and went back into the room. As it turned out, it's just a neighbor came to pass some request Kolya's mom. I hardly calmed down - for fear of being caught masturbating Colin parents still did not leave me alone.
- Do not worry, the ancestors will return only in the evening - reassured me one.
Nick removed the video pauses, and we continued to watch, clutching their members in their hands. But the excitement as if by magic - my cock and then fell, I could not tune in the desired fashion. As if noticing it, Nick stood up, walked over to the computer and turned off the video, which at this point the two young lads have had a black woman in front and behind. Double penetration - such as it was called at the respective sites.
- Not okay? - Ponteresovalsya Kohl.
- Yes, something is lost completely the mood ...
- Yeah, sit on the bed with a dick in your hand - it's not fuck with a beautiful black woman - with sadness in his voice summed up my best friend.
We sat for another five minutes to six and Kohl again turned on the video. Once again, I tugged at his penis and attempted to finally achieve orgasm, but still nothing came. Suddenly Kolya jumped up again and turned off the video. Then he turned to me and said: Dude, you need to tie it ... We need to invent something new. Once again we are with you masturbate, posing as sexy adult aunt suck our dick? Fiftieth? Hundredth? Two hundred? Thousandth?
I understand the feelings of his friend, but he could not imagine that he will propose any action. But he suddenly proposed.
- Listen, thank, there is such a thing ... I think that's what ...
I stared at him with attention.
- It is not known when we break off sex with a beautiful older broads ... And in general with any female beings.
- What do you mean?
- Yes, I've thought somehow ... And if you try to create at least some semblance of what we're constantly imagine? At least for the sake of experimentation ...
- Dude, I do not understand, you fuck with me or something you want?
- Yes, that even once fuck? We masturbate with his hand, right? And why not do to each other?
- What's the difference? - Puzzled I asked.
- Yes, at least in the fact that you and I are not artists and not hold on to the members of the lips.
I like ice water washed over.
- Nick, what are you talking about? Well exactly gay be decided ...
- Are you gay? - He asked suddenly.
- No, what?
- Here I am not. But you and I are both masturbate. Both represent different beauties instead of their own hands, while dreaming of someday experience something more.
- Let's say, well?
- So I suggest you just try and at least partially realize our fantasies into reality.
- Damn, Nick, I do not know about you, but I'm about sex with men had never dreamed of!
- Yes, and then sex with men? We just close our eyes and imagine all sorts of heifers, only feeling will be different, you know?
And then it dawned on me. A truly realized what he wanted. In principle, I am still disgusted by the thought of all this, but at some point, on a miserable fraction of a second, by presenting it, I felt like someone else's lips on his penis. Kolkiny not, of course, that's the whole point. I realized that this idea - utter nonsense, but at the same time very excited. Long time my sexual arousal was not as strong - probably, from that day, as I watched my mom's sexy friend from the balcony, waving affably to her with one hand, and the other quietly massaging his penis.
- Are you serious? - I asked Kolka
- Absolutely. - Answered my friend.
- Hell, I somehow shy, disgusted, and ashamed of me ...
- Calm down, as the author of this idea, I am ready to perform its first. But you have to promise that will not throw me and do the same thing. And no one can tell, esstestvenno.
Once again, I figured all in the mind - and suddenly agreed. This idea excited me most of his lust so much that I forgot in a moment of disgust and shame before the upcoming.
Kolka, as promised, offered to do everything first. At first he started suffering a porn movie from the beginning, while I sat on the bed, completely pulling off his pants and legs comfortably apart.
Black woman again began to flirt with two young boys, and my best friend, meanwhile, sat in front of the bed, sitting on his knees in front of me. For some time he looked straight at me, and it seemed to me that he still throws this nonsense and give up at the last moment. But soon he focused and took my penis in his hand, and after a few moments, put it in his mouth.
Chapter 2
This unforgettable experience is impossible to convey in words. From the beginning I though on fire, he felt on his penis touching moist lips. For a while, I still was disgusted, I threw back his head and closed his eyes, imagining that my cock sucking is not my friend Nick, but at least that is the African-American woman from the video. I imagined myself as one of those guys, not her son and his friend as to present himself copulating I just could not with his own mother.
Soon, I started to get real pleasure: Nick moved neck and drove on my cock lips and occasionally stroked his tongue (I do not know, either accidentally or intentionally) in kakoy-to point, I even wanted to take his head, to draw closer and say something like "come on, baby," but I just came to his senses and realized how delusional. On the computer screen, both guys just semen was fired in the main character's face when I realized that I was about to have an orgasm. I had time to warn Kohl thought he immediately removes face away from my penis - but there it was! He continued to suck furiously until the organ of my head began to not fly the first drops of sperm.
Such a strong orgasm I have not experienced ever - right after all was Kolya about new experiences, for which I gave him at that time was the greatest of grateful!
The first shots pleased sperm directly into Cole's mouth, but he took my cock just a few seconds later, when my orgasm has come to an end. From the head of the penis is still flowed sperm pouring weak shocks and dripping on the testicles and pubis. We Kolyanom very quickly and loudly breathed, I still could not recover from the incredible orgasm and new experiences in general. We sat in silence for about two minutes - I was on the couch, and he was in front of me, still kneeling on the floor. Then Kohl seemed awake, got up, walked over to me point-blank, and raised his hand, and without standing as a member of the stake.
- Well, as you? - He asked me.
- Amazing .. - and could only squeeze out myself.
- Come on ... It's your turn ...
- It's good now..
The head member of Kolya was in front of me. I suddenly felt disgusted to disgust, but I remember that we had an agreement and to bring his best friend, even in such an unusual way, I did not like. Besides, I remember that I felt myself and decided that I should repay Kolka same. To think that only yesterday, even a couple of hours ago, I could not think about anything like that, as if he knew what these things do, let's say, the guys from our class - probably would have ceased to communicate with them, considering them fucking perverts. ..
While I was in thought, Kohl was silent and did not move, just stood in front of me and waited patiently. I finally summoned up the courage, I threw all thoughts out of his head and took his penis in his right hand. I've never done anything similar, and never imagined that I would do it, therefore, just opened his mouth and leaned forward, right on sticking in my side member of my friend.
Member was in my mouth about half. Kohl once said that his body length - fourteen and a half centimeters. Seven of them I had just swallowed. I felt his penis mostly lips, it was almost tasteless. For a while I got used to the sensation in the mouth of another member, and soon began to move over the neck and back, holding the base of the penis kolkin right hand.
It seemed to me that Kolya closed his eyes and tilted his head, even though I could not see. He took my head with both hands, clutching me to sit down, and helping her mouth on his cock, while moving his hips back and forth. In fact, he fucked me in the mouth. I do not gave any inconvenience and in general I did not mind. On the contrary, I felt so much more comfortable, because less strained neck. Of shame and disgust, I quickly forgot, I only thought about what should be done in me even started to wake up a kind of excitement. I suddenly remembered that in most porn girls usually caress a member not only lips, but also the language and began to randomly pull his tongue head Kolya member, continuing to move the neck and not letting his mouth organ. Neck still quite tired and at some point I stopped her wiggling, focusing on language of work. Kohl, apparently, this situation is quite satisfied. He only gripped tighter on my head, and became even more intense driving his cock in my mouth. A couple of times he shoved it too far, for the most eggs and I was getting hard to breathe. I wanted to cry, they say, take it easy, but I was able to give - it is some vague bubnezh. And what else would you expect from a man with his mouth clogged?
I sucked the head of his cock, while not ceasing to caress her tongue, making it quite chaotic, the cross-shaped, the circular rotation. A couple of times I took out a member of his mouth, but did not let go of the hand, onaniruya it and that is urine licked the head and bridle. Kohl stood, his head thrown back and occasionally moaned softly. Actually, I finished three times faster than it has lasted so decided it was time with this tie. I remembered that I often liked to pull his testicles during masturbation sessions. I reached for Kolyanu eggs left hand and began to gently touch them with your fingers. After a while I grabbed his penis with his left hand for the upper half of the trunk, and he reached for his face to the pubis and scrotum began to kiss, lick it, suck in your mouth and then let go, while his left hand massaging member. Kohl issued a blissful moan, but then I pulled back a little and said that he would lay down on the bed.
Kohl did not object and quickly flopped down on his back. I lay down next to the stomach, perpendicular to it, and grasping, he began furiously sucking his dick hand with maximum speed and force, to which only he was capable. Kohl did not hesitate published quite loud groans, which drowned out the sounds of a similar pornorolika still be played on an abandoned enabled computer. However, both of us have long forgotten about him. I just pulled a second member of his mouth, wanting to inhale more air, when Kolya suddenly exclaimed: "Cumming!" the first, a powerful jet of semen landed me right in the face.
Actually, I was about as far as possible to avoid the sperm hit in the mouth, but then I realized that I have no difference and immediately caught the head of the mouth, again began to suck while his tongue fumbled the open head, feeling the urethral pulled out all the new and new drop of sperm, which at that moment seemed to me the real flows of mountain rivers. His sperm flooded the entire cavity of my mouth, where, and so there was very little room, I tried to swallow it, felt it starting to run down my lips. I did not understand what it tastes like - just remember that it was very warm, soft and thick. Kolka was twitching as if in a fit, repeating something like "yeah, yeah, right!" and when his body went limp, I realized that orgasm has passed, and released his cock. His whole head was in the semen, it shone. And then I succumbed to attack from nowhere Nakata lust and took the penis in her mouth again gathered all the sperm and lips while holding her mouth. Nick looked at me dumbfounded, but did nothing - the strongest orgasm took all the power. Of its members are still lazily flowed a thin trickle of semen and I took the cock in her hand, pulled her to him and slowly ran his tongue from the bottom up, raking the entire flow. Then he waited a moment and kissed almost dry head while smacking loudly.
Kohl all this time kept his eye on me. I looked at him.
- Thank you, Tim ... It ... It was ... Grandly .. Unforgettable ... Thank you, my friend ...
- But not for that, we're friends
We both smiled. Apparently, Nick was even more fun than I am. But I was not discouraged and did not envy. For he knew that it was only the beginning.
To be continued …

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